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Does the game make anyone else's GPU fan run hot?

Well? For some reason when I play my GPU fan decides to run at 75% (normal is 35, TF2 runs at about 65%), which seems odd to me considering that this game is relatively old and my GPU is newer than the game (Nvidia 9800 GT). Is it because the card is newer than the game? My driver wouldn't seem to be the problem, as it's the April 2010 version (blah, old games). If, to the super PC enthusiasts, 75% fan speed is fine, then ok. I'm just a paranoid of stuff sometimes.
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It's been a while since you posted this, so not sure if you answered your own question yet or not, but just in case...

I had the same issue. What I did was change the in-game setting for vertical sync to on (default was off). Seems to run much better now.
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Had the same "problem". Enabling vsync does indeed help with the issue, any other frame limiter will probably do the same but enabling vsync is easier.
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