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Das Panzerfaust
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Hexen II Help Plz


Me and a Friend is trying to find each other in a game of co-op through the internet. But it seems we have been having some difficulties doing so.

I believe we don't really know how to search or get into each others game

Can some one help us with this noobish Multiplayer question!


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If you choose to create game:
1.Have a local area network connection (if you are both not in the same house, use hamachi)
2.Well, you know where to find that option to create HexenII Multiplayer game.
3.Check your Ip-adress from there (example
4.Launch game.

If trying to join:
1.Have a local area connection.
2.Launch hexen 2, go to multiplayer > join. Search for local games / Enter Ip adress of the host
3.You should be in

Rep if helped.
Thank you!
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