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Angry How do I completely remove this game?

Hello. I was wondering how I completely remove this game. I do not want to through the garbage that comes with the game called "YuPlay" in order to play the game.

When I attempt to play single player a window pops up telling me to log into YuPlay which I can't even click on to enter any sort of information. This is too much trouble to go thorough in order to play a game that I purchased. This is highly unsatisfactory. I am already signed into Steam, why do I need to sign into another thing as well? I wasn't aware that this would be required when purchasing the game. YuPlay contains malware harmful to my system's performance and I cannot seem to play the game without it on my computer.

I am currently trying to remove all traces of YuPlay from my computer which is causing problems of its own. I want this gone from my registry in any traces. Can anyone help with getting this off my computer?
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Well, if you just want to get the popup off your screen, press the keys it tells you to press (CTRL+ALT+F1, I think) and then press them AGAIN, and it goes away for good.

To delete any Steam game from your computer, right-click it in your library and select "delete local files."

To remove the game completely from your "all games" library, you'll need to contact Steam support and tell them you want it removed.

If none of that removes YuPlay from your system, look for it in your "remove programs" list in Windows. If that doesn't work, I don't know what else to tell you.

I hate YuPlay and don't use it to play Wings of Prey (it's entirely optional unless you want multiplayer), but I haven't heard of it being malicious / harmful to your system in any way.
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