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Worth getting Far Cry 2 if I already own it on console?

As the title says, I picked this up on PS3 about 2 years ago but I've not really played much of it. I try to get into it every now and then but always find something else that takes up my time! Anyway, I thought that although the game was very well made and graphically impressive, I didn't find it all that fun. I was wondering if getting it on the PC (especially at its current price of just £2.50) would be a worthwhile investment? Is it much better than the console counterpart and is there any sort of modding community/active MP?
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It looks a lot better on pc, that's about it.
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I bought it on PC first sorta liked it.. got it on xbox and I dislike it..
The pc version comes with some cool guns though so i guess its worth it
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I'll say this for the console versions - driving around with the map in your lap while at the same time trying to navigate checkpoint ambushes was a blast IMO - really like a game within a game. I can't say that experience would be nearly as much fun with mouse+keyboard controls. On the other hand, like any other FPS or action game, I'd prefer m+k for the on-foot action. I'm seriously considering this, but lack of handheld controler support for the driving is keeping me away.
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Certainly the graphics would be crisper on PC; and keyboard and mouse controls are more responsive. I suppose that the only way you'll know for sure is to buy it and see for yourself.
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