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zero immersion

the first time i played this game i was shocked to see my ships traveling backwards to their destination spinning and wobbling all over. When they arrived they passed straight through the planet.
And when I launched an attack on the enemy most of my ships completely bypassed them and then, (slowly) turned back to join the fight.
I didn't bother to use tactics, just built more ships than the enemy then sent them into battle.
Also, I can colonise any and all planets? anywhere and at any time? what about territories or terraforming?
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Firgof Umbra
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On Movement
Ships in SR only have one physical main engine, even if their engine(s) is elsewhere on the ship (it's a technical constraint we enforce to keep the game running fast). All movement in Star Ruler is Newtonian Motion but without gravity (thus no gravitational slingshots,etc) and without a limit on speed (e.g. ships can exceed lightspeed). If this annoys you from an aesthetic standpoint you can turn the graphical component of it off in the options window. Ships will still *actually* operate in the way that you saw them before, but their ship model will face their target even while decelerating/changing angle.

The "wobbling" you noticed was likely due to the ship correcting its movement path to match the planet's current location. It's a continuously calculated "impact point" and so it's continuously firing its engine in different vectors to make sure it hits the right spot.

The passing through effect is due to us not wanting to punish the player for things that are outside their control. For example, ships in Star Ruler do not have pathfinding behavior -- they won't avoid stars if they're in the way of the fastest direct route to a location. This is important because much of ship behavior is automated and though a player may be more accepting about directly causing an action which resulted in a punishing effect (ex. ship being destroyed by impacting a star/planet/asteroid), they are far less forgiving when the computer does it automatically because it should 'know better'. All that aside, there is collision -- it's a pushing effect rather than a wall effect and the bigger the size disparity between the interacting objects the bigger the 'push'.

Ships going past their intended "zero point" is usually due to mid-course destination changes, running the game at accelerated speeds, traveling extreme distances (e.g. one side of the galaxy to the other), or objects whose paths cannot be truly predicted (ships in combat, etc). Due to those factors most of the time the player's role in combat is less position management and more objective management/assigning tactical retreats/pushes/identifying major threats.

It certainly isn't a perfect movement solution, and we accept that as legitimate criticism, but after a year of work on it (two to three if you include the development before launch) this is the best we've been able to get it working at. It is a good solution, really, but the main problem is that for it to not be frustrating it would have to be actually perfect -- which if we managed to do we'd be sending it off to NASA to get paid for. :P

On territories/territory-control
You can colonize any and all planets at any time -- so long as they're not already colonized. We do not arbitrarily restrict your expansion; your economy and how you manage it restricts your expansion. Over-colonize and you'll crash your economy, making all your new worlds take from what was perhaps 5-13 minutes to fully colonize and make them take up to possibly 40 minutes or more (if you keep expanding). All new worlds rely on your galactic bank as they have no real factories of their own (unless you make enormous colony ships) so the GB is your real enemy/control here.

Territories are more 'liquid' in SR than most 4X games. It wouldn't make sense to simply "bar" a ship from landing a colony in a system it was approaching when an Empire placed a flag on one of the planets. The Colony Ships might not have enough fuel to even make a return trip home or to another system by that point. There is "soft" discouragement however due to the Blockade mechanics.

If the enemy in that system brought along an escort force, or builds a defense force while your planet is in its borders, your planet may become immediately blockaded upon a declaration of war. Obviously, to a newly colonized planet, this is fairly much a death sentence unless they were lucky enough to have a colony ship that gave them enough to have a basic economy. Even then, being cut off from the GB makes defense of that planet nearly-impossible (assuming you didn't send it an accompaniment of defensive assets [ships,stations,etc])

Beyond that, some planets may be more trouble than they're worth (as they have both potentially positive and potentially negative Conditions). Scouting out good systems is the best way to secure your early-game power; the System Window (with the right filter settings) is actually a great tool for this as well.

On Terraforming
We actually had Terraforming as a potential feature a while back but we didn't like the way we would've implemented it. Rather than implement a feature with no real value, we abstained from implementing it instead. That said: The Galactic Armory Mod has taken the rough prototypes we had for what would've been terraforming and are incorporating them into their mod. The current version of the mod does have some terraforming options, but the upcoming 1.9 build is supposedly going to have the majority of features we would've implemented.

If you're looking for more restrictions/activity/complexity in your game, GA Mod and FRB Mod are both good mods to 'beef' your vanilla game up. I personally like the flow of Vanilla more than GA or FRB, but I'm obviously biased. :P

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Ok, thanks for the reply.
Will try to give it another go with what you said in mind.
Bit busy at the moment though. Went and bought sots 2.
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