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My screen is.. I don't know, please help!

I've just purchased this game through steam and was attempting to run it, but every time I do there's this white-blueish plane of something that is similar to water

I can't play the game like this, is there any way to make it go away?
I've already set the graphics to the minimum but theres no change :/
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I have the same problem. Is there a fix?
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Fix for Ocean like glitch in middle of screen

I fiddled with Catalyst Control Center and figured out that changing the Smoothvision HD: Anti-Aliasing mode to "use application settings" fixed the issue for me. I'm running 2x Radeon HD 4870's.

The current issue I have is that after killing the Queen Beetle and going to the new land, off in the distance are a bunch of squareish building like textures. Also some character textures appear very dark (ie: the orc in the beginning island and Ivy's pants)
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