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PC or Fire

I simply can't decide if I want to get this for the PC or for my Kindle Fire. Obviously on the Fire I have portability, but other than that what are the pro's and cons? Price is not an issue(at least until the sale is over.)
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There really isn't any major difference that I can remember, except on the PC when things get hectic you have to look for your mouse cursor. I tend to play it more on my phone than the PC though, as usually when I'm sitting at the PC I'll play something else. Personally, I bought both .
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The reviews I've read say that the PC version just isn't as fun because you're not really drawing lines. Although I generally dislike touchscreen gaming (at least when they have to emulate a D-pad and buttons), this is one game that apparently is better suited to it.

I still haven't decided if I'm going to buy it yet.
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