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I find Steam's lack of Hitman 3 to be....

...odd. Especially when you consider how frequently sales like this happen for the Hitman games that are on Steam. I also find the absence of Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow on Steam to be just as odd. I mean, is there a reason these games haven't been added to Steam?
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This is tied to a legal problem. Hitman: Contracts has a licensed song by some American band and the license has expired. I doubt the new publisher (Square Enix) is gonna do anything about it. I know, this is the Steam forums, but personally I hope that GOG.com is gonna be able to release Hitman: Contracts as they are quite ambitious when it comes to releasing classics and solving legal problems - and they just released Codename 47, so who knows. Would still be awesome if Contracts was made available on Steam sooner or later.

Considering Pandora Tomorrow: I have no idea why they didn't release that one on Steam but one can be sure that it's also tied to legal stuff - although I don't remember any licensed music there.
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