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How to enable widescreen in Warrior Within


Recently the PoP series was offered here on steam at a discount, and I've seen numerous threads which bounce around the question of how to enable widescreen in the PoP series. For anyone new to the series who's dealing with the widescreen issue, here's some advice.

I can't comment about TSoT because I played it some time ago and can't remember any solutions to widescreen issues. I also can't comment about T2T, PoP2008, or Forgotten Sands as I haven't played them yet.

I am, however, playing Warrior Within and it took some figuring to get the widescreen compatibility sorted out. Here's what to do.

(1) Go to Widescreen Gaming Forum here and download the item named Universal Widescreen (UniWS) Patcher.

(2) Once you've downloaded it and unpacked it, run the program, select Warrior Within as your game, and enter your desired resolution.

(3) No matter what you do, the menus and user interface will always appear stretched. This includes the health display in the upper left of your screen when in-game. However, the 3D game world should look correct.

(4) The first time you play with the new resolution, in-game the health display in the upper left will be partially cut-off by the edge of the screen. Exit the game completely to your desktop. Restart the game again, and this time when you play the game, the health display will be fully in-screen. It will still be stretched a little bit, but that's not a big deal.

And that's how you get widescreen resolutions in WW.

Hope this helps any newcomers to the game.
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