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Talking [Rearmed] Cool Beans!

This game has a steep learning curve, but is quite fun to play. If you can master the mechanics of the arm and you get as far as the Power Claw upgrade, you start to feel like a commando... of bionic means!

(Yes, cheesy as feck. What can I say, I'm in a smiling mood)

The only downside is that the game slows down with as much as five enemies on the screen. But I shall chalk that down to a console conversion with tons of middleware slowing down the program. No, I don't have an eight core CPU super machine. This was originally a NES game. I shouldn't need one.

Worth a punt for £2!

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The 2d 8-bit game was originally a NES game, not what you're playing. You are familiar with the term "remake" right?

Tnd besides, i remember playing rearmed on my old pc. The only thing that the slowdowns screwed with was the arm-grabbing, which they fixed. technically you get more time to react :>

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