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Machinarium uses small fraction of my monitor.

When at 100% screen size and full screen, the game uses perhaps 45% of my display and is surrounded by a thick black border. The same goes for windowed. Hardware acceleration off or onin the flash settings has no effect.

My monitor is an LG HDTV, which works fine for everything else.

Has anyone else experienced this flaw? Is there a solution?

Thank you,

Dell XPS15
Windows 7x64
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If I recall correctly the maximum resolution of the game is 1200x800. If you have a higher resolution that than (e.g. 1920x1080) the remaining part of the screen will be black.

If you want it to better fill the screen (with a reduction in quality) the only way is to temporarily lower your desktop resolution to something closer to 1200x800 and make sure the graphics driver is scaling the image.
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Max Conrad
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Same as OP, quite annoying.
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due to the nature of the art in the game (hand-drawn) there is probably a resolution limit or specific resolution that the game runs at. if you have a higher resolution display you would have a choice between centering the image and leaving it as is w/ black bars on the sides, or stretching/scaling the image (too much of which could look poor)

short answer: check your scaling settings in your video card's control panel
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