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How can I install this game from CD


I absolutely detest steam, I believe it's one of the most useless things to happen to PC, but unfortunately some games require me to use it.

Like Napoleon total war.

I just bought the game on DVD today, but whenever I try to install it, steam opens up and speaks about 22 gigabytes of data.

So I figure, I can install this game from DVD, cos that's why I buy DVD games: to avoid steam. But no, "The Steam servers are too busy to handle your request" - another way of steam to on my face.

I just want to play this game... can anyone tell me how to install this from a disk ?
If I have to download 22 gigs I'd rather bring it back to the store and get a cracked copy from a mate :/

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Put the disk in and follow the instructions. It may claim its downloading but look at the speed, it will be fast.
However you will need to patch the game, which will be actual downloading. (Steam does that automatically for you)
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Its usually not possible,they store very little data on the disk and you need to download the rest,welcome to the future of gaming.
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Even if they store just a little of data on the cd i have the game of the year edition and two cds in it (for NApoleon and Empire) so i don´t understand your post, because i had the same problem.
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