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Skyrim not saving games - PC version

I recently upgraded my computer to include an SSD, so I moved some of my user folders to my 1T hard drive using the [Move] button on each of their properties/location tabs. (Using Windows 7)

Here's the problem. When I start Skyrim, I can see the saved games, and can load them. When I move and play I see the Autosaving and quicksaving messages, and when I end the session I use the system menu to pick the file to save over and get the prompt asking if I'm sure I want to.

The next time I play, I'm right back at the place I was before I started. No new auto or quicksaves, and the saved game wasn't updated.

Any ideas on where to look or what to do? I've done a search on both drives for .ess files and didn't see that any were getting saved anywhere else.
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Sounds like your save files are read-only. Check the file attributes.

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Skrim's saves must be located @

%userprofile%\My Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Saves\

You need to ensure you have correctly moved your "My Documents" folder


^ The above guide should be able to help you correctly move your "My Documents" folder.

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