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Odins Raven
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When's the Sequel?

Or is it just going to be an update fest? To be fair, I haven't finished the game yet so I could be jumping the gun on these requests, by all means, bear with me please

Just loving this game so far but it seems like when you guys released it you didn't realize that the idea is too awesome for just the one game!

Looking forward to any updates or information I can get. Specifically things that other RTS have in them which this is lacking like:

-Rally points

-Keyboard shortcuts, I'd like to be able to label groups for easier deployment.

-some more customization besides just the game modes. Maybe even some background customization. White is cool but I thought we were in space? No stars or blackness? I feel like there's a good opportunity there to put some really sick static artwork in the background, pulsars, nebulai, quasars, stars, suns, moons, black holes, all kinds of stuff!

-More kinds of sprouts! I'm not finished with the game and stuff yet but it seems like the three types could be expanded to 5 or 6 types with maybe some minimal brainstorming, and coding.

-Custom Music. I like your music but I'd like to be able to put some of my own music on and do some Space-gardening

Like I said I haven't finished the game yet but I'm really enjoying it, and i've even gotten a couple extra copies for some friends!

Keep up the good work guys, can't wait to see what's next!
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Odins Raven
Join Date: Nov 2010
Reputation: 159
Posts: 991
just thought of another thing that really bothers me while playing

Can you please fix it so I can zoom out more when i want to? Navigating around clusters is a huge pain. Oh, I'll do it a bunch but it's a pain

One more thing I just thought of again while playing that's been bugging the heck out of me is how when you drag your troops the arrow doesn't like to select the asteroid all the time? Like maybe you could have a "sticky" targeting type of cursor or something...also along with the zoom thing, the autohide menu comes up an annoying amount while trying to select your spores.

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Rudolf Kremers
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Eufloria Design Person
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Something similar to rally points is coming in the next updates, plus new units, plus a fair bit more. :-)

You can mute the game music (Crazy talk) and play your own stuff via your music player.

Glad you like the game!
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