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Question Anyone Else Still Have These Issues?

Now, I know most of these issues were probably addressed before, but I just want to see if anyone else is having them happen. I know Valve as also attempted to fix some of them, but they still appear to be happening.

1. Tanks do not spawn at the same time.
EXAMPLE: At the start of Dead Center, team got the Tank before we even began to exit the top area. We did not receive our Tank until they were almost on the first set of ledges. They were so much slower at progressing than we were. Isn't really a big deal, but it'd be nice if it was fair and spawned at the same time.

2. Tanks still spawn in fire.
EXAMPLE: When I took control of the Tank in the same game as mentioned above, I was already on fire. Tank was spawned in the room by the ledges that is covered in fire. Enemy teams Tank was not on fire.

3. Bots (mainly Nick... weird right?) taking health items in GREEN condition.
EXAMPLE: Not even close to being at 50, bot will just take adrenalin or pills even when other team mates are at a drastically lower health with no secondary health item.

4. Bots jump out windows to save jockey / charged survivor.
EXAMPLE: I got jockeyed out a window on Dead Center 1, bot jumped right out of the window and died. I was still hanging on the ledge. Same goes with survivors smashed out of ledges by Tank. All bots just jumped over the railing and were stuck hanging there.

5. Bots still sometimes stand idle while players are smoked.

6. Bots sometimes do not take health items and guns from safe rooms.
EXAMPLE: They just stand in the same spot until we leave the safe area. They sometimes will follow players to the area to take items, sometimes they do not.

I know there are probably more, but these are ones I've witnessed over the past few days / weeks. Anyone have any others to add?

Also, this is a side question, but I recently got a new slim Xbox for Christmas and sometimes the music in the game does not work. For example I won't hear Tank music at all, or I'll hear it for a split second then it will disappear. Same with hoard music and such. Most of the time the game plays with only background sounds from infected, survivors, guns, etc. Why is that? It never happened before.
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I've had all of these happen. I beleive the majority have been patched on pc and so they should be updated with the DLC.
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I have recently played a match where i am sure i have seen 5 SI in the same time.
I was playing versus and opposite team was made by 2 Humans and 2 NPC.

Is this really possibile?
Never happened to you before?
Or was i drunk (which could easily be true).?
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If the seceond player had joined recently (and so had time to spawn) then the 3 bot infected may have not died, making it 5. A similar concept works with quickly killing a tank. Other than those 2, I don't know.
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Never thought about that, Aquc, and it sounds logic.
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I've seen a team of 4 incaping special infected. (smoker, hunter, jockey,and charger) Does that happen alot and I just don't notice it or what?
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There are (at least) three ways to have four securers, but they're all rare:

1. ~1% of the time at the beginning of a round, all four players will have one
2. if players are exiting and entering the server at precisely the right/wrong time, then occasionally they'll get a fourth
3. if the spitter and boomer die simultaneously, and the other SIs don't engage, then occasionally there'll be a fourth

Given how hard it is to four-secure simultaneously (see L4D1), and the amount of time you'll waste attempting to get the four securers, the time wasted is generally not worth the effort.
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