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Weird puzzles

I just started playing this game and right at the beginning I have to wonder about some of the puzzles.

For example when you try to get that little box on the shelf. Unfortunately I closed the hatch underneath the mat and was trying to figure out for ages how to reach the box. Thing is there is a ladder, but you can't take it. Drives me mad when you have totally logical items, but can't use them because they force you to solve a puzzle only the way they want you.

The other thing I noticed was when I tried the urn with the cable. Outside near the machine it tells you that need to remove the insulation. But inside you just get told it's a silly idea. Also nowhere was there a clue that the urn is especially cold or something like that...

And where is the bell to ring?

As I said I have only started, but it seems this game will be very tedious to play. The last game I played was "Lost Horizon" and it was a joy...
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Bad puzzles combined with very hard to see and mouse-over items and a rather silly story.
Im not a huge fan of point and click but i enjoyed The Longest Journey and Machinarium a lot.
I got the whole Runaway series on special and so far im very disappointed with the first one (a road adventure).
I hope the others are better but i wouldnt hold my breath.
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