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OST: Request for the DEV

Is there any download link available for the ones who bought the game?

Loved the soundtrack.
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You can find the tracks that were used in the game in your game's folder, usually. The should be something like Steam>Steamapps>Common>Sequence>Content>Audio

Depending on how you installed and where you made it save it. You can also get most of the full/extended version songs at the artists' website. I don't know them offhand though, I was satisfied with the songs from the game.
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You can grab DJ Plaeskool's stuff at www.djplaeskool.com. All of Mr. Jenkees' tracks are available from his two CDs on iTunes...with the exception of the final boss song, which was remastered specifically for Sequence by Bradley Burr. Guess you'll just have to live with the 128 kbps version of that one, as I don't think I have the rights to legally distribute it. Sorry! = (
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