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Question The final boss is too hard! Any help?

You essentially have to fight 4 bosses in a row, without health refills or saves. It's a little too hard to do that much. By the time I make it to the 4th boss (that big floating thing), I'm already out of missiles and low on health. I'm playing the game on Normal difficulty, but it seems too hard.

What are the tips/strategies I can do to beat this?
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What are your weapons?

Nemesis wrecks Misery, if you take your time you can get away with almost no hits. I usually end up with 29-15HP since I'm in a hurry.

You should only be hit a couple times with the Doctor's first form, almost zero with his 2nd easier and predictable form.

Here's my tip for the Undead Core:

Go after Misery and the transformed Sue first, that way you recovery health and EXP.

If you have a lifepot use it (unless you passed the requirements for the Good ending and want to save it for that).
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After you kill the undead doctor talk with the guys in the cages.
If you talk with one of them twice, a lot of hearts will appear.
I think it's the second from the left on the ground floor.

After you deal with Misery and Sue, move to the right of the screen.
Jump on the things that float in and shoot the core while standing on them.
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If you climb the wall before going into the door to fight Misery, there is a secret area where you max out your missles and weapon levels.

Don't get hit by the doctor. Don't waste your missles on the doctor. Misery and the core are so much worse.
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Final boss, 4 bosses, big floating thing... it's entirely possible that everyone replying to this topic has got it completely wrong.
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It's likely that he's fighting misery/doc/muscle doc/undead core and not Ballos.

As for my 2 cents, save the missiles for the second half of the Core's health, and ignore Sue and Misery. I managed to defeat him without having any jetpack (I kept the mimiga mask in Curly Story - but didn't get the cheevo, cause it's bugged).

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Just wait until you get to the Sacred Grounds.
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I find sacred grounds to be easier than the Misery/Doctor/Undead Core fight.

Heres a little trick. After you beat the Frenzied Doctor, you can talk to the purple Mimiga inside the jail. Talk to him 3 times in a row, and health will appear on top of all the white mimigas in the cages.

I dont have CS+ but it worked in the original so w/e
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Originally Posted by mockingod View Post
I find sacred grounds to be easier than the Misery/Doctor/Undead Core fight.
Maybe the SG alone (though I personally fiercely disagree there), but certainly not the SG and five bosses.

I could never really put the mimiga heart tip to much use. At best you can get, what, 12 HP? It may be useful after beating the two forms.

I always found the best source of health regeneration during the fights to be Misery's mobs.

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Just a tip, if you have the heart jug or whatever its called, you want to keep that for Sacred Grounds.
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Yeah those bosses are difficult, depending on what items you have. It's relatively easy if you have the Spur and Booster v2.0, though still difficult depending on skill/practice. Once you've been through Hell you will find those bosses not so challenging.

I'm trying to get the ending whilst wearing a Mimiga mask, and the only save I had was one in which I had the Snake. After trying for a long time to kill these three bosses with the Snake and without any Booster at all, I really miss the Spur and Booster v2.0.

I keep forgetting that I have the Life Pot though; there is no need to keep it if I am not going to Sacred Grounds.

My only tip for the Doctor (second boss) is to empty all of your super missiles into him. He dies very quickly. His attacks are somewhat dodgeable, but given that they're so high damage the best strategy is to kill him as fast as possible. You won't need missiles for the Undead Core if you have the Spur, but regardless, you can get about half of your missiles refilled by killing the critters that Misery summons.

Oh, and a silly tip: don't try to farm health by killing Misery's bats in the first battle. Just restart, it's not worth it, even if you think it is. Eventually random bad luck will cause you to take a -10 or -6 damage, and the +2 health containers don't appear often enough to counteract when that happens. Best thing is to kill her as fast as you can or restart.

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I just completed those four bosses playing in normal difficult too and found it hard, but I did it

I'm supposing you are a first timer like me and didn't get what is necessary for Sacred ground and is using Machine Gun/Booster v 0.8 (yeah, I didn't know there were other options because I only read walkthroughts after I beat the game). So this is what I did:

In the left upper part of the map previous the Throne Room there are tons of power ups, missiles and hearts, if you are in need of any you should go up there before facing Mistery, cause there's no way to return once you enter the 1st boss room.

Misery: Kill her just with the Machine gun
Stand below her when she appears and shoot quickly, when she turns white avoid the attacks and get below her to shoot her again. The solid black balls fall when you pass below them, so do this often so they won't accumulate. You can use the bats to replenish your level and health.

Doctor 1:
Use missiles on him like hell 'till he dies, jumping when he throws that red thing and avoiding that stupid crystal. If you got all the missile expansions so far and the missile upgrade, you should have about 18 missile left, so kill the Doctor 2 the same way. Don1t worry, you'll get more missiles later.

Talk to the colored mimiga twice and hearts will appear on the screen. Take as many as you can.

Last boss:

Here, I mainly used the machine gun and missiles, as I was too noob to get those other mentioned weapons. Attack Mistery, so she will send bats and those jumping orange things to kill you, but they are ridiculously weak and will provide you missiles, hearts and power ups. Beware of Sue and of the moving fireballs the core use, but they movement are predictable once you get used to them. Use the missiles on the core once it opens it's eye (?). When he is low on health, it will throw huge white balls that do huge damage. Avoid them and attack him after he's done. If you kill Sue, Mistery will send some guided missiles at you, kill them with anything (the lvl 3 of the bubblegun is good for this as for any big amount of weak enemies, cause it won't let most get near you). If you kill Mistery too, the core will be left alone and the final battle will be much easier.
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Its funny how I find the normal core to be the hardest boss in the game. Even harder than Ballos.
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This is a pretty late response, but here are my tips

Misery> If you have the spur, charge to max and fire it at her. You can do around 100+ damage per shot. After one or two well timed shots you can usualy get her down to 4 bubble/bat mode. The bats die in one shot of the uncharged spur, so you can kill them quite easily, although if you are well skilled you can avoid them completely.

Doctor> I'll level with you here. You are probably going to get hit at least once unless you are highly skilled. Start the fight by charging a maxed spur, initiating the cut scene, and letting go of the fire button. If you do this, you will be able to get about 100 damage off on him befor he can cast his first attack. The double helix attack gets larger as it goes, and can be difficult to predict where to stand to be in the middle, so I recomend you jump directly over it asap. The large bubble attack is quite difficult to avoid, as he casts this, and quite soon after, casts a double helix. Keep trying untill you kill him with a respectable amount of health (my best run had me at 40 health befor his next phase)

Muscle Doc> This fight is VERY straight forward. He will always be running after you, and trying to teleport on top of you, but he is very easy to avoid. when he dashes at you, either keep running away, or jump over him. Don't let him stomp on you, as it does a lot of damage. When his health gets low, he can summon bats, but if you stand near him, and spam your attack at him, you will kill most of them. NOTE: the bats do NOT drop resources. All in all, this fight is the easiest endgame fight, so you should have no problem with it. When you've killed him, talk to Chako (the purple mimiga) twice and she will cause the worker mimigas to spawn hearts. You can easily get about 10 health back from these, but be quick, as they will despawn.

Undead Core> First, focus on enraged sue, temporarily ignoring misery and the core. She can turn invincible for a few seconds, but during this time she also doesn't deal contact damage, so just follow her. She will often do a barrel roll into you, to deal damage, but any damage done to her will knock her out of this, and stun her momentarily. Once sue is down, focus on misery. I find staying low to the ground helps, as she seems to be more biased to summoning critters than bats and fish missles (at least, thats what they look like to me). Spam away at her, and kill her summons for resources. Once both sue and misery are down, the undead core becomes laughably easy. The skull face will summon fireballs that travel along the walls and floor, so stand on a mini core or the platforms to avoid this. A grinning face will cause projectiles to be fired twards you. These are fairly easy to avoid once both sue and misery are down, but befor then they can be annoying. When the core's health is low, it gets a third face, an open mouth. During this face, it shoots the skulls fireballs along the walls and floor, fires a few projectiles from the grin, and will eventualy fire several large shots directly down the middle. I recomend standing on the ground for this face, and attacking when it is done shooting it's powerful barrage. Keep at it, and the core will fall.

Enjoy the cutscene, and if you planed on going to the sacred grounds(ie. the hardmode end zone), but used your health pot, I would recomend reloading an earlier save as it is a very good idea to save the pot. The sacred grounds are VERY difficult, and make the last 4 boss fights you just did look like a joke.
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