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Revive the guards

I have this quest, but where are the guards that need reviving?

I didn't realize at first that you could pick things up by crouching (how weird). So that thing with the mouth, I didn't have that when I first saw the downed guards. Now I have the thing with the mouth and I figured out that you put that green energy in there, but there's no one to revive.

Another thing I noticed is there is no way to turn the sound down or change the video settings. Are these guys from some distant planet where they totally haven't noticed that every game in the world has a way to change sound settings? It's called "options".

Another thing, the graphics are gorgeous, but using stuff and doing things is just somehow unsatisfying because objects and whatever just look like two dimensional pieces of paper on the 3D background.
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Most guards are along the steps of The Great Temple of Tenochtitlan. Just keep going left for the rest (2 more iirc).

No in-game options, but it does have a configuration tool. Right-click Aztaka and select Configure.
Oh, and pretty sure the background is 2D as well. It's just that beautifully drawn.

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