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Advanced Vs Techniques


In certain situations a SI will be able to lure a Survivor into a better location to attack. This works best if the Survivors are already distracted (by a horde/tank/event) as most experienced players won't be tricked so easily if they aren't preoccupied. A common use of baiting is with a Charger - if a Survivor is chasing the Charger it should try to lead the Survivor out of cover from the other players and into a position where an easy charge can be landed. This works well with all SI. Another good time to bait the Survivors is when playing as the Tank, if can the Tank can lure the Survivors into a position where it can easily hit them with an object it can often cause a wipe.

Blocking (Spitter/Boomer)
Once the Spitter has spat a good technique is to then jump in and attack the Survivors. You can scratch while forcing them in the goo for longer by body blocking their route out. You can also stand in-between a pinned Survivor and the rescuers to act as a shield and to leave a puddle of death spit on the pinned one. Another method is to stand in the doorway when a lone Survivor is pinned in the room - when the Survivors kill you they'll have to go over your spit to rescue their teammate. If you are attempting to body block then standing sidewards on makes it harder for the Survivors to stumble you out of the way, this very useful for staying close enough with a Boomer to get a proxy boom.

Committing (Tank)
If you are the Tank it is very important to learn when to take cover and prevent chip and when you should go in and commit to an attack. It is crucial you let your supporting SI know when you are about to commit as this allows them to prepare their spawns. If you are the first person to get the Tank it is better to let it pass over than committing to a bad attack, in many circumstances you can cause more damage by rock sniping with the first control and letting the second player go in.

Curve-Rocking (Tank) - VIDEO
If you are throwing a rock while facing away from your target you can 'curve' the rock by quickly spinning 180 degrees towards your target just before the rock is released. This (for some animations) causes the rock to be thrown a couple meters from the side of the tank in direction in the spin. By doing this you can stand behind a corner and still throw rocks around the edge while remaining in cover. Please note the rock does note actually curve, it still has a straight trajectory but gives the impression of curving as it appears from the side of the Tank. Another application of this is to combine it with the Jump-Rock as this makes it difficult for the Survivors to predict...

Death Pull/Ride (Smoker/Jockey)

When a Survivor is pulled or ridden off most ledges they are left hanging but there are certain points where the Survivors don't hang but fall to their death. Notable ledges can be found in Blood Harvest 1 (on the first edge by the tress and by the bridge) and Dead Air 2 (near the container for the event).

Death Slide (Hunter)
If the Hunter pounces from a certain distance it will slide with the Survivor (slightly) at the moment it lands. This can allow for death slide off an edge or to push the Survivors back into spit - because you stumble the nearby Survivors too you can knock a whole team back into spit with a good pounce. You can also push Survivors off a point of no return before they are ready to jump which can cause a great opening for an attack.

Double Boom (Boomer)
As the Boomer can only summon a horde every 20 seconds you are able to get two hordes with one spawn by retreating after it vomits and then going back in for a proxy boom 20 seconds later - if done correctly your teammates can get two different attacks in the same spot on the map.

God Frames

If a Survivor is in the 'getting-up' animation after being pinned by either a Charger or a Hunter then there a a few seconds when they won't take any damage. This is very useful to know when performing a damage pounce with a Hunter as although it will state the pounce took place it won't register the hit points.

Gravity Boom (Boomer)
When a Boomer vomits the stream of bile is effected by gravity and arcs towards the ground after a short distance. This means as a Boomer you are able to stand behind a wall, fence or hedge and arc the vomit over and on top of the Survivors allowing you ro remain hidden and attack with surprise.

Juking (Tank)
When a Survivor attempts to Juke a Tank it can be very difficult to land a punch if the Survivor knows what they are doing. The trick is to not constantly punch (ie don't just punch as soon as you can and at a regular interval) but to wait for the right moment - if the Survivor knows when you will swing it is easier to plan their escape route. A good technique is to herd the Survivor into a dead end/corner where their movements are restricted. If this fails a rock throw can normally break the cycle.

Haymaker (Tank) - VIDEO

Similar to the Jump-Rock but performed pressing punch instead of jump. If done correctly you punch and then throw a rock in quick succession, cutting short the punch animation - this means more attacks in less time. You can also combine the Haymaker with the Jump-Rock and if timed correctly you can jump into someone and punch them then immediately throw a rock before they are able to get up. Very helpful for stun-locking a Survivor plus it looks amazing. Please note this is disabled in competitive configs.

Hittable Objects (Tank)
The easiest way (with exception of the Witch) to incap a Survivor is to hit them with an object. If you manage to continue to hit their body a further 3-4 times with the object while still down they should die. You can make the object go in a straight line along the ground by crouching before punching and you can make the hittable fly high in the air by crouching and aiming upwards and clipping the top of the object (you can clear fences and even buildings by doing the latter). An effective use of an object is to use it as cover while crouching and aiming at the Survivors, if the SI are able to distract or even move a Surivor into range aim the shot and prepare for when they enter your range.

Insta-Pull (Smoker)

If you are able to get directly behind a Survivor (practically touching) with a Smoker you are able to pull and grab them without a chance for them to cut the tongue or push you back, this starts at five damage per tick rather than the normal three for a pull. Although difficult and hazardous to position this can guarantee a set-up for an easy death charge/ride/slide.

Insta-Startle (Witch)
If the Survivors have started to agitate the Witch you can scratch her with any SI to instantly cause her to startle - this only works if one Survivor is still in range of the Witch. The Jockey is suprisingly good in this situation as it is the only SI with the ability to dynamically control the movement of a Survivor. If a Jockey is able to ride the closest Suvivor to the Witch then the rest of the team are likely to shoot the Witch in attempting a rescue. Alternatively (if they are smart) they will run and push you off allowing you to go and scratch the Witch now the Survivors are within range.

Jump Rock (Tank)
If you throw a rock and jump at the same time (or just after depending on ping) you can start the rock throw animation in midair. This has a few benefits; firstly you are not stationary for some of the animation so you are harder to hit. Secondly it adds to the confusion of the direction of the throw - by landing and quickly turning you often hit an unsuspecting Survivor. Finally, if you are above the Survivors you can Jump-Rock from a great height allowing you to land in the pack and throw a rock simultaneously.

Far too technical for me to understand fully but very simply it changes the relationship (slightly) between hixboxes and their models, a higher lerp is preferable for infected play and a lower lerp for Survivors - 66.7 and 16.7 are the most common competitive settings. ProdigySim's guide explains it all here

Railing (Charger)
If a Charger is on a rail (or wall) next to a Survivor on the ground it is able to charge along the rail and pick-up the target from the ground and continue to travel along the rail. This happens because the hitboxes still collide even though they are seperate levels and this can force a death charge situation when normally not possible (like on the rail at the start of Parish 1).

Re-Charge (Charger)

If the Charger has a Survivor pinned and is knocked off by a proxy boom then it is able to charge again immediately. This is a great tactic for corridors/alleyways as you can charge them all one way, get released with a proxy boom and then charge them back in the other direction.

Re-Ride (Jockey)

If the Jockey pulls a Survivor over a ledge and they hang it has a nearly instantaneous recharge time, allowing it to immediately go and pull the rescuer off the same ledge. There are certain maps where I've seen a jockey incap all 4 Survivors this way (Dead Air 1 by the first plank and Hard Rain 2 and 3 by the elevator and stairs).

Rock-Sniping (Tank)
A great tactic if the Survivors are in an open area is to find a suitable rooftop and throw rocks. The idea is to take no chip while maintaining LOS and to continue to snipe at them with rocks. If you can't keep LOS then you need to hit a Survivor with a rock quite regularly to remain in control. If the Tank can keep control then the SI are able to get in a number of attacks until the Tank is ready to commit. There are certain areas of some campaigns where the Tank can remain hidden and still have LOS with the Survivors (middle of the park in Parish 2 and behind one of the broken planes in the Dead Air finale are two good spots).

Rocket Spawning (SI)
A Rocket Spawn is where you are moving quickly as possible as a ghost and jump and spawn mid-air just before you come into the Survivors vision. If done correctly you maintain the quicker ghost speed in the air which makes for very surprising attacks. The most common form is the Rocket Boom (normally from above) as this can allow you to land in the middle of the Survivors with relative ease allowing for a proxy boom.


All the SI have the ability to incap a Survivor by scratching alone. A good strategy (works brilliantly with a Charger and Jockey) is to scratch a critical Survivor (10 hp or less) to incap them and then use your primary attack on the others. A good Charger is able to incap a whole team with low health with this method. Another good use of the scratch is to use it before you're primary attack, a Jockey or Charger can sometimes get one or two quick slaps in before the primary attack which can really add up over the course of the map.

Any SI is able to spawn, set themselves on fire and then walk on top of cans to start them burning. Dead Air 2 (by the exit of the building by the event switch) has a good example of where this is applicable - by sac'ing a normally useless Spitter in this manner you can burn two cans that the Survivors would probably utilise for the event. This can also be useful for The Passing and Dead Centre finales where cans are stored and a Molotov is used - if you manage to burn some of the retrieved cans it can create an extra opportunity for more attacks when they have to go back to replace them.


There are many different areas on the maps where a good Smoker, Charger or Jockey can cause the Survivors to have to go back on themselves. Not only does this mean more time for attacks but this also gives the opportunity to separate the pack. If the Survivors do separate then concentrate on the ones furthest back as the others have to come back to save them. Notable areas include the building for the event in Crash Course 1 (out of the window back under the bridge), the snooker room on Parish 4 (out the window and back on the street) and the hole in the floor by the event in No Mercy 2 (forcing them to the level below and having to redo the choke point at the stairs). This tactic works best when Survivors are already slow.

Silent Pounce/Wall Kick (Hunter)

If you have already pounced since spawning you can move with your back to a wall, jump and then wall jump off the wall. This allows the hunter to wait silently and pounce an unsuspecting Survivor without giving his position away by having to hold down crouch - works well if Survivors are checking rooms for pills etc.

Spawn Cyles/Sac Order
With a bit of planning you are able increase the chance of what SI you'll get for the next set of spawns. As there are 6 classes and 4 players you are nearly guaranteed to get the first SI to die in the attack in the following set of spawns. I.e if there is a death charge coming up and your team currently has a Charger you should attack so the Charger dies first, this way you should have another one for the next attack. Another use of this is to force a tri-cap situation - if you currently have a 2/2 (two incappers and boomer & spitter) you want the incappers to die before the boomer and spitter, guaranteeing a tri-cap for the next set of spawns. This is particularly useful when you have a Witch or a Tank coming up.

There are certain occasions when it's beneficial to steal another teammate's victim. If someone has been smoked and incapped a Jockey can ride the Survivor momentarily to release him from the pull, this allows the Smoker to escape and the Jockey is then ready to re-ride the would be rescuer. Another good use of stealing is in a death charge situation when you don't have a Charger - ff a Smoker pulls a victim right next to an edge and a Hunter pounced from a distance it can result in a death slide off the edge (this works well after the elevator on No Mercy 4).

Supporting the Tank

The aim of the SI when there is a tank is to get three incappers ready to spawn. Although a boomer can be very helpful during a Tank fight it doesn't offer the greatest opportunity - with three incappers spawned the Tank can focus on one Survivor while the SI pick off the other three, this means all the Survivors are distracted and only one person is firing at the Tank. Providing everyone is successful this will end in a wipe. The other main decision when it comes to supporting the Tank is when to attack - the two common competitive ways seem to be either with the tank when he first goes in or once the tank has cornered a Survivor (or starts taking serious chip). The advantage of going in immediately is that the focus is taken away from the Tank with the chance of a quick wipe, the benefit of going in later is that you can wait for better positioning of the Survivors and plan your attack more appropriately. If the Tank is sniping from a distance and can maintain his Rage then the SI should be getting in as many attacks as possible - wait for all three spawns to be up and go in to attack together.

A good set-up and attack coordinated around a witch can often lead to a lot of damage or even a death. It's always best to assume one Survivor is going to Crown her if they start to approach her and if the hesitate and stay back assume they are going to snipe/burn her so prepare your spawns accordingly. If someone goes in for the crown then try to pin them just as they approach, this can then cause another Survivor to startle the Witch by performing a resuce. If someone sets her off from a distance then it's normally best to try to pin the remaining Survivors so one runs (the one who startled her) and the other three get distracted and potentially pinned. If you know a witch is approaching save your spawns and Sac any SI to get a tri-cap and the best possible set up. Smoker, Charger, Hunter and Boomer work particularly well as the Survivors tend to group together when taking out the Witch allowing for quad booms just after she is startled.

CONTRIBUTORS : kinnoinen, Tabbernaut, cityuk04, Tekdrake, ymtisd, Tranix

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This is a way of getting the SI to attempt to attack and miss. A simple example is pretending to run one way and then quickly go back (often causing a missed rocket boom/vomit or even funnier, a missed death charge). Another good use of baiting is with a Tank - if you're able to get the Tank to focus on you and give chase the other Survivors are able to concentrate their fire easily and safely on the Tank. This is very useful if you can bring the tank into the mounted machine gun's range as this does serious damage very quickly.

Choke Points
On each map there are certain areas where the Survivors have to pass (ladders, alleyways, doorways) and this can be very difficult to navigate safely - it's very useful to try to bait the SI into attacking so you remain in control of the situation. With ladders and doorways it is best to make sure you are not too close to one another so that a boomer/Spitter can get you all. If you are going down an alleyway it works best if you spread out and zig zig in formation so you all can't get Charged in a line (Levellers get your melee weapons ready). Also be aware of bridges (Blood Harvest 1) as a well timed charge can wipe all four Survivors.

Clearing CI
While it is important to kill any CI that could damage you it is also helpful to know when to let them live. As there is a finite number of CI on the map at any given time then any you leave undisturbed behind you won't be able to respawn in front of you. This is why a quick team can run through a map with relative ease - once they past a certain point many of the CI are stuck behind them. Times when this is not applicable is when you are preparing to fight a tank because if there are CI slowing you down it makes dodging punches/rocks very tricky.

All witches are able to be Crowned with one shotgun blast. The safest method for a seated witch is to walk behind her with your flash light off, crouch and the shoot her point blank range in her lower back as she is nearly up. An alternative method (Draw Crown) is to shoot her from a distance and wait crouching with the shotgun, if timed correctly you are still able to crown her just before she reaches you. This is very useful if the witch is located at a choke point and the SI have spawned around her. The last and probably safest method is the Fool-Proof Crown but this is only sometimes an option as you need to be on a level higher than the Witch. By startling her so she has to climb upwards you have ample opportunity to shoot in the head multiple times.

Dodging Hittables
When fighting a Tank who is using an object the positioning of the Survivor is crucial. The direction and flight path of the hittable can be very unpredictable so it's always best to assume it could come at directly at you. A good tactic is to use the environment as a shield - by keeping something in between you and the Tank means they can't get direct hit with the object - lamp posts, bollards and stationary cars work very well in this circumstance. With a bit of practice an experienced team can dupe the Tank into wasting it's time attempting to hit them with an object when it's very unlikely to make contact. It is also important to keep the Survivors at a distance from one another when an object is in play, for whatever reason if a lucky shot takes place at least it will only incap one.

Sometimes simply shutting a door can save the Survivors from an incoming attack or sustaining extra damage. If a Boomer spawns through a doorway a Survivor is able to shut the door to prevent the vomit from entering the room - the Boomer is then safe to be shot through the door as the proxy boom will be blocked (this works well against Spitters too). It's also important to make sure you shut doors as you run past them as this restricts the SI ability to quickly spawn and attack.

Event Hordes
Just like knowing where to fight a Tank is important so is the location of waiting out an event. The general idea when fighting against an event horde is to go inside and find a room with only one entrance. All the Survivors then cover the spawns in this room and aim at the door - as everything has to come through one entrance it is easy for all Survivors to efficiently concentrate their fire accurately.

Event Hordes (Never-Ending)

Unlike a normal event horde a never-ending horde will not stop until you have triggered a switch or reached the safe room. A good method for dealing with this situation is to use your bile. If you throw the Bile Bomb away from your direction of travel you can keep your path clear, or even better if you can throw it off the map you can kill all the CI that follow it. Obviously the quicker you can get through a nonstop event the less damage you are likely to take.

Fighting the Tank

The most important decision when it comes to defeating a Tank is picking the location of the fight. All maps have commonly used areas for different Tank spawns - by getting to know where these areas are is crucial in beating a good Tank. The main factors of choosing the location depend on the spawn possibilities for the SI, the available hittables nearby and the ease of rock-sniping for the Tank. Normally an open area with your back to a wall or in a corner is best outside or if you are inside you want a big room with only one or two doors and if possible a prop to circle to keep the tank at a distance. You should all concentrate on killing the Tank as quickly as possible until the SI spawn, then everyone but the Survivor in direct threat by the Tank should kill the SI and then start back with the Tank. If the Tank is rock sniping then covering spawns and ensuring no LOS with the Tank are priorities.

Juggling - Throwables/Health Items/Cans
A Survivor is able to 'juggle' between two items to move them around the map. By quickly pressing 'e' you are able to switch between items and throw them in the direction you desire - this is most commonly seen with Gas Cans but works very well with Pills and Adrenaline too. Instead of the other Survivors backtracking to pick up missed items you are able to bring them towards your team.

With a bit of practice a single Survivor is able to distract and occupy a Tank's attention by 'juking' it. This involves moving around the tank and shooting/meleeing it while in range of the Tank's punch. If a Survivor is successful then the Tank misses all the punches while the rest of the are able to concentrate on blocking the spawns, clearing the SI and shooting the Tank.

If a Survivor walks or crouches then the Infected team can no longer see their glow. This is very useful when baiting for an attack as it makes it harder for the SI to spawn and aim. A good tactic is to have one player ghosted when you are reaching choke points and when an attack is ready - this player is less likely to be attacked (as the Infected need line of sight to see them but need to be hidden to spawn) so will be in a good position to clear anything that lands. Another good use of ghosting is when a Tank is in play - this is especially useful indoors as the Tank can only really focus on one Survivor so it makes it easier to get behind him.

If you manage to get the timing of a melee strike correct you are able to kill a Charger in one hit if you aim for the head. Once practiced this is a very efficient way of killing a Charger. If the Charger has already take some damage then you can level him with a melee shot to the body. A useful application of this is when you are the sniper (who normally carries a melee), if you are able to get a couple shots in first you can then just body melee when it charges and you can get an easy level.

Natural Hordes

The Director will initiate a natural horde (20-30 CI) roughly every 90-120 seconds (the timer resets to 0 seconds with every new horde - boomer/car alarm/event) and knowing when one is due is very useful for planning your movement - if you are expecting a horde you should slow down and not rush blindly. On the other hand, if you have just had one and all the SI are cleared it is a brilliant time to push to that next choke point and make some easy distance. Natural hordes are disabled when a Tank is in play.

Pole Dancing
A Survivor is able to use their environment to break a Smoker's tongue before it reaches them. If a Smoker tries for a pull and you can move behind an object in time this cab break the tongue (because the tongue follows yourmovement). A good example of this is using a pole - by standing so the pole is in-between you and the Smoker you can move from side to side so the pole snaps the tongue. This only works if the tongue has passed the object in question as it is this that breaks the tongue.

Pills & Adrenaline
Knowing when to take or pass the pills and adrenaline can make the difference in reaching the safe room or not. Generally speaking, if you are slowing down the movement of everyone else you should take something to keep up. If there aren't enough shots/pills so everyone can run then you should wait until an event or a moment when the temporary health will be needed, there's no point in extra health if you aren't being attacked and it's not speeding up the team's movement. Try to take pills if you need temporary health and save the adrenaline for the last resort as it is of great benefit if more than one Survivor is incapped.

If a Survivor is incapped then it is imperative to get them up quickly but safely. The best method is for two surivivors to block the closest spawns while concentrating on the clearing the CI off the final Survivor who is picking up the incapped, if the downed Survivor is boomed now is a good time to use a pipe bomb as this will help distract the horde. If you find yourself alone having to resuscitate someone first clear the horde and then try to pick them up. As soon as you hear a SI spawn stop picking them up and get ready to protect yourself. Make sure you are close enough for the downed Survivor to save you but not too close so a Boomer or Spitter can get you both.

SI Clearance
If the Survivors are all within range and no one has been pinned it is normally best to kill the Charger first (as it has the most Health and can deal a great deal of damage with his scratch), then the hunter and then the rest of the SI. This is very situational though and depends who is in range/pinned. If you find yourself the last one standing then it is sometimes best to try melee someone nearby free (as this is quick/one click) or clear the Hunter before the Charger as two guns really speed things up. Try to resist in shoving a Hunter off his target though as he will probably just pounce someone else - shoot to kill.

Spawn Blocking

A good team will always consider their LOS when moving around the map. This means they'll all make sure they are covering different angles and positions making it very difficult for the SI to spawn nearby. Good spawn blocking can prevent an attack from taking place or force the SI into a weaker attack - be careful though not to allow the SI to spawn in-between the Survivors so don't spread out too far.

Spit Blocking
A Survivor can use their body to stop spit in it's path. If you stand in the way (so it physically hits you) then it will not reach it's intended target. This is very useful for saving someone who is incapped or horded from get spat on. You can also block a doorway if you think a Spitter is going to spit inside the room.

Surrounded (Horde)
The most efficient way to break free when you are surrounded is to melee the commons around you. This works best with a melee weapon as you can swing in one direction and the shove in the other. If you are able to spin the mouse around while doing this you are able to cover over 360 degrees in two swings. This is very useful to get a a few seconds to aim if attempting a shot for a rescue or to get some space to start moving. If you are unable to free yourself ask for help asap as it only takes a few seconds to shoot them off. If you are required to clear CI from a teammate it's best to shoot the zombies behind them first as they aren't able to see these. If you notice your teammates are clearing CI from around you then crouching for a couple seconds reduces friendly fire taken.

Unless there are spares you should only use a throwable if you need to. Pipe Bombs should be used if someone is down and requires getting up or if someone gets boomed and is taking serious chip from the horde. Molotovs should be saved for Tanks or path blocking for hordes during events. Bile Bombs should really only be used during rush events to buy you some time while rushing to the safe room or very occasionally on a Tank. It's worth considering that if used on a Tank then that's another 20-30 CI you'll have to kill as well as the Tank.

Tongue Cutting
If you are equipped with a machete, katana, axe or crowbar you are able to cut the Smoker's tongue the moment he starts to pull you. The timing is very precise but a good method is to listen to when Smoker makes the pull noise and use this as an indicator of when to melee. The further away the Smoker is from you the longer you need to wait to cut the tongue.

Weapon Selection

Generally speaking a team works best when it has one sniper, two machine guns and one shotgun. The more serious players who use confogl are restricted to one sniper rifle so this is when the theory really comes into play. With the sniper limited to 1 (confogl) then the common set-ups are either 2 SMGs and a shotgun or 3 SMGs. You only need to take a shotgun if there is an unavoidable Witch that has to be crowned. With the standard set-up (with the shotgun) everyone has a general responsibility - the shotgun is suppose to take point taking care of any SI attacking from the front (skeeting Hunters etc), an SMG follows clearing the the commons and covering the shotgun, then the sniper and other SMG take the rear with the SMG ensuring the sniper is clear of all CI to quickly clear any SI attacks. The SMG's covering role of the sniper is very important with a Tank because if he is rock sniping then quite often the sniper is the only one able to accurately hit from a distance and if his aim is hampered by CI then some good early chip opportunity is lost. The shotgun also plays a strong role in ensuring no rocks hit the Survivors if the Tank is rock sniping - they should be standing near the front watching for any rocks the sniper misses.


If you find yourself without a shotgun or someone with the ability to crown another good tactic is to snipe her from a distance with everyone firing when she startles. A good sniper can take out a witch by himself with head shots alone like this. If the Witch starts to get too close then the Survivor who startled her should start to run with the rest of the team still killing her off.

CONTRIBUTORS : Tabbernaut, ajs410, Zora-Link, GoldenShadow, CanadaRox, cityuk04

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If anyone has anything to add or ammend then post it below.
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Spit block: a survivor jumping in between the spitter/spit trajectory and preventing the spit landing on the (probably charged) target.

Draw crown: triggering the witch from some distance away and getting the killing shotgun blast in as she closes in.

to "Rock Sniping" you might add that often teams send in SI while the tank is up solely to make it easier to land a rock (and reset rage). Haven't heard any fancy term for it, other than "going for a rock." :]

Also, the "silent pounce" is better known as the "wall kick"..
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Add da links add da links!
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Originally Posted by Tabbernaut View Post
Spit block: a survivor jumping in between the spitter/spit trajectory and preventing the spit landing on the (probably charged) target.

Draw crown: triggering the witch from some distance away and getting the killing shotgun blast in as she closes in.

to "Rock Sniping" you might add that often teams send in SI while the tank is up solely to make it easier to land a rock (and reset rage). Haven't heard any fancy term for it, other than "going for a rock." :]

Also, the "silent pounce" is better known as the "wall kick"..
Nice, I'll add these to the list

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If a jockey incaps someone the moment they land on the survivor, jockey cool down is reduced. Also, if a jockey kills someone who is black and white, cooldown is reduced. If a jockey is ready to use their primary attack, they do not actually have to lunge; they can just land on top of someone, such as falling from a building. Also, don't claw at someone being jockeyed or you can kill the jockey. Jockeys can use lunging to climb ladders fast by looking straight up.

The charger can also re-charge if he kills a survivor (black and white or otherwise) While pinning as the charger, I usually aim at someone else and spam the attack key; sometimes you will charge while your character is turning. Chargers also have a point blank bug, where you must be a step or two back or you'll just bounce off the survivor. A charger charge can also be interrupted by throwing a pipe bomb at the charger.

The hunter can also leap immediately after killing the survivor they are hunting, but you have to be spamming the attack key for that to work. Hunters cannot wall jump when they are on fire. There are also advanced hunter wall jumping techniques that allow you to wall jump off one wall indefinitely.

Spitters can spit while they are hanging on ladders or falling.

Boomer bile also arcs downward, so you can boom over an obstacle while completely hidden from the survivor's view.


Survivors can "pole dance" with a smoker. While the tongue is traveling toward the target, it follows the target. If the target is visible, the tongue goes out, and then the target moves to the other side of a pole or a doorway, the smoker will miss.

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I really like that pole dancing one - I do it with objects but never tried with a pole before!
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I should add that the timing with the pole is a lot tighter. You have to wait until the tongue has traveled past the pole before moving past it yourself. Otherwise, it doesn't get "cut" by the tongue while it's seeking you.
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Also, don't claw at someone being jockeyed or you can kill the jockey.

get so annoyed when i'm riding someone away from their friends and one of my team mates starts scratching them.
It doesn't damage the survivor, it only hurts the jockey, DON'T DO IT PEOPLE.

as for advanced techniques...
well, if you jump onto a common infected head and press jump again at just the right time, you leap really high into the air. Its pretty cool, though someone difficult to achieve and not terribly useful unless you're really into exploits and find a way to use it to your advantage...

I tend to just do it for the fun of jumping high and the fact that killing common by jumping on their head is amusing.
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Occasionally I've escaped a horde by jump over heads!
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shhhh why do you have to teach all the noobies....
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Because they keep failing to save me!
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Originally Posted by ocd View Post
Because they keep failing to save me!
lol i know the feeling buddy.

There's a couple of techniques you missed out, but im never gonna post them.
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No secrets in the forum please!

Any additions to the lists will get you credited as a contributor if that sways you?! Trumpet flare please...

I'll update it tomorrow when a few more suggestions have been posted. The Spit Block and the Dacing Pole have been my favourite so far...
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