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Sensitivity Problem

This game is horribly sensitive for me, looking around with the mouse. It's either way dramatic to the point I can't aim, and turning is all blocky, or when I put it low, to finally have smooth movement, I have to move my mouse in 5 full motions b4 I can turn 90 degrees. I've messed around with the sensitivity slider, turning all the graphics low, medium, high, etc. Nothing works. It's not like this in any other game I have.. (Game is unplayable as is)
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It's not really the mouse sensitivity thats the problem, its the game mismanaging your memory so it takes a break to reload the level as you turn. This other thread has some suggestions that may work: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum....php?t=2135939
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Try playing with a 360 or compatible game pad. Solved those problems for me.
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