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Hey there, loving the game! Just one quirk and a few suggestions

Clocked 25 hours with friends so far and think you really balanced the game well, the early patch to give firearm kills a small heal was very smart and made weapons actually viable. One quirk I have about the game is the lack of a option for a push to talk key. Me and my friends play through our vent channel / skype(on occasion) and since the game auto detects our voice through our mics we have to hear ourselves echo with a odd 8 second delay. Then there's the usual random person with mic who isn't using it with a bunch of random noise going on in the background and well you know.

One thing I just want to put up for consideration is that since you made the physics for killing enemies with ice, other elements and creative dismemberment (sorta like alchemist bombs) you might want to incorporate them into more weapons. Since there's few special items per stage and only one player can grab them per round they never get as much screen time as they really deserve. Maybe the final tier can give you an option to choose between 2 elements that don't boost firepower anymore but add the element effect, and you could upgrade your inventory to compliment eachother's elements or something. I know you're a small dev team and I'm not telling you what to do, and these things take time and money.

EDIT: Took some time to find all the special weapons on one stage so now realize they're in all the stages and feel really stupid even if they are really well hidden. Still if after 25 hours of gameplay a group of players don't notice all special weapons are in each map you should encourage finding them or explaining they're all hidden even as a menu hint or something. That'd be enough screentime if everyone knew where they were, but stand by maybe giving the elements more screentime somehow

One more thing to consider, is the final pistol tier. It works effectively as any of the other final tiers, but it feels like that extra umpf is missing imo. You got a crazy fire shotgun, a freaking chaingun!, a returning throwable glaive ANNNNNNNNNND...... dual pistols. <-underwhelming (maybe add a some element that has a chance of happening per shot or something? You don't need to make it more powerful, it'd just be cooler :P)

Would really appreciate it if you can look after my first concern, though the others are just random ideas to help with longevity, best of luck to you in the team in your work and success! Love the game! Gonna end up buying a copy for another one of my friends!

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We will look into it
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Thank you alot for the consideration!
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