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Keep falling through the platforms.

Other than a few graphical flaws and lagging picture which I am sure can be fixed I have come to a halt in the game. I have reached the level with the crazy mouse lady and the platforms that rise up and down over the hot lava like substance. I have been able to get on to these platforms easily but if I stand on them and the platforms go up, I fall through them. One trick I was able to come up with is jumping right before the platform goes up, but that can get annoying if you don't time it right.
If someone can help me solve this step by step I would be most grateful. I am not much of a computer wiz but I can figure it out with some guideance.
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if you are having lagging issues, most likely your system is not being able to cope with the game engine, and problems with collision detection (which calculates if you are on top or not of the moving platform) might ensue.

I would look into fixing the lag by reducing graphic quality and checking the tweaks in the pinned thread. The most likely culprit, though, is PhysX, so first step would be to put this in low.
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