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Tristis Oris
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Some impressions.

1. Strongly there is no support cyrillic in a chat. Russian plays much and it is impossible to communicate normally. If will make it, there will be enough interested persons to translate the interface, quests and other.
2. Strange system of duplication of locations. It was difficult but understand how to change flowing, them 13 pieces, online to each 0-20 persons. It is quite good thought to unload the world, but it isn't so loaded, can it is necessary to reduce this number? Game looks empty, resp aren't occupied.
3. Not clearly what for it is necessary or it is not necessary concrete loot. On information scraps it became clear that for crafting , but not clearly which necessary or not necessary.
4. Very much it would be desirable to see more detailed descriptions скилов and mechanics. Loss calculation \ reduce, chances and other.
5. Also it is possible to fill up the information in the list missions. That all at once would know what award it is possible to receive for this or that arena. Not all beginners know that such raid and that there it is possible to receive good equip is admissible.

Acknowledgement for a joint campaign on a quest very long doesn't vanish after pressing. Hangs on the screen till 15-20 seconds even after loading dunge.

After all this criticism I want to tell that game really interesting, simply always it is possible to make better than is, what good all wouldn't be) thanks.
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