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View should be zoomed out more

Is it possible to make the view zoom out more in game?
Because I really find it's too close to the helicopter.
You can basically only choose to fly slow motion and shoot every single target, or to go fast hoping to avoid stuff and run into every single AA gun fire cloud. Also tanks can shoot from out of vision and are still too close to dodge the shot.

I know I'd be enjoying the game a lot more if it were zoomed out 1/4-1/3 more when flying fast.
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Documents\My Games\UnrealEngine3\ChopGame\Config\ChopInput.ini


Bindings=(Name="V",Command="FOV 145")

Save changes and run the game.

Hit V at the beginning of a mission to fix the FOV.
145 is for Eyefinity/Surround, so on a regular screen try a FOV value of 110-120.
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Thanks nolife, that's helped me as well.
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Great solution, but it's annoying to press the button each time a mission begins. This really should be an official option in the game. It does wonders to improve the play experience!
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Just a bump to recommend this trick AND to advise caution with it.

I didn't notice the part where you said "145 is for Eyefinity / surround," lol. The value of 145 is DEFINITELY too high for 1900x1200. It makes all the stuff in the foreground look badly stretched. I flew past a parked school bus that looked like it was a block long. Oops!

I'm going to experiment with different numbers.

I think the game is totally playable at the default FOV (and you can see all the little details that make it so great). Nevertheless, this is a clever fix, and I'm bumping this thread and adding rep to offlinenolife.


Edit to add: FOV of 110 works well, just like you said. Gives that little bit extra, and no visible distortion.

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