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Arma 2, keep getting kicked back to browser

Hi guys. I'm trying to play Arma 2 multiplayer. But every time I click "OK" after I chose my role, I got kicked back to the browser, with no error message.

I thought it has something to do with mod, so I tried to choose a vanilla server and it still won't work.

Can anyone help me?
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Mostly likely BattlEye didn't install properly. Close Steam, launch it with admin privileges, right click on A2 in the library and 'Reinstall BattlEye'. Little window should pop up, almost instantly disappear. Give it ten or fifteen seconds, it runs in the background, then give MP another shot.

Alternate option, get it from the BattlEye website.

Usually a missing or disallowed mod will kick you out before you reach the lobby and give you a popup message about what the offending files are.
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I recommend downloading the latest version from the BE webpage. Sometimes it gets screwed up when it auto-updates.
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