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Am0k. special recruitment - Steam Users Only

EVE isn't an easy game, nor is it very forgiving. Lowsec is a graveyard of pirates or gatecamps, hisec is full of gankers and scammers, wormhole space is like a swinger sweepstakes, you either win the prize or get one up the rear.

Null has its problems too, but it's where I call home, and where you can too.

Am0k. (the dot is important) has long been the lost outcast of what is known as the Cluster Coalition, home to many of the strongest nullsec alliances in EVE. Unlike Something Awful's Goonwaffe, or Reddit's Dreddit, or :cringe: ESG's Broskis, we have no outside community to call our own.

I stepped up and asked why this must be. Having a strong community backing in EVE can make you potentially invincible, and without it, it can cripple you.

So I turn to the biggest, most powerful gaming community I know: Steam users. Many of you already play EVE, many of you have only just started.

Why would I want to join Am0k.?

We are in goonswarm but are not ourselves goons. This means that while we have access to all of the alliance programs that make goonswarm great, we are able to have our own identity and culture.
-Ship reimbursement: If you fly in an op in an approved ship (which we make available, fully fitted, via contracts) you fly for free. Some ships can even turn a profit epxloding gloriously to further our needs, like Logistics.

-Newbie skillbooks, ships and mentoring: Are you an idiot (of any age) who wants to learn how to become a professional murderer? Our grizzled veterans love newbies.

-Some of the best moneymaking opportunities imaginable:
-Ratting: Deklein has some of the best straight up anomaly/belt ratting available.
-Planetary Interaction: Many, and I mean MANY, Empire players have been shut out of the PI market because CONCORD office taxes are too high. Goonswarm owns all the customs offices in their space, and controls the tax, keeping you competitive with anyone in the PI market.
-Incursions: The CFC are the masters of murdering these ISK pumps. The largest, most organized fleets, while still being newbie friendly, provide everyone the money they need to keep flying only the very best.

-PVP: We have any kind of PVP you want. Black ops, blobs, fast roams, or even (if you're insane) gatecamps or cloaky greifing. The most important thing to note is WE DO NOT CTA. No form of PVP is mandatory with us. That isn't to say we're bad at it:
Why does Am0k. want me to join? What do they want out of me?
So we're looking for pilots to strengthen our community. We're not looking for elite killboard aces, or genius market moguls. We want people who are social, active, and willing to help form a new society on Steam. However, we do have a few requirements that are in place to protect us from careless recruitment:

-You must be Active: There are many ways to qualify for this. One is if I look at your steam forum account and see that you are a regular poster (being more regular than me shouldn't be hard.) Two is owning Steam's version of EVE (this is more a cheat shot to encourage steam activity than a hard requirement) and lastly an API check can be performed to see some vague details about your play level.

-You must be willing to move to our space. We have many distance deployed goons, but new members we like to get close to home to better assimilate them into our group.

-CAPITAL PILOTS: I do NOT wish to know you are a capital pilot in this thread or anywhere publically viewable. Contact me privately and we'll work something out.
I am available to field questions as Motoh ingame. Please contact me if you want to be in on this!

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These guys are a lot of fun to fly with if you have ever wanted to be part of something this is the place to go.
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This seems like a great idea to get more people, unfortunately this EVE Forum does not seem all that active. Maybe this will get more people here.

Also: Not joining, 0.0 and me do not mix, whenever I move in my alliance, no matter the size, gets kicked out.
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I love high sec with all the gankers and scammers >_<
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is it a 250 mil or 500 mil security deposit while i send you all my assets on a collateral free contract for you to "deliver" to deklien?
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I can put you in contact with people, but I do not move assets, nor do I have a fixed way to move assets. All I do is get us people.
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Originally Posted by T@T-2-MoNk3y View Post
is it a 250 mil or 500 mil security deposit while i send you all my assets on a collateral free contract for you to "deliver" to deklien?
I lol'ed.
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I'm a member of Am0k.dot and recommend this corp to everyone.

Hell, I made enough money here to buy me a supercap within two months of joining!
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Would love to join, sent you a mail in game
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