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Please help. Game cannot start due to installation interruption.

Hello, I was about to start Legendary for the first time. One of the things it does during the installation is install some nvdida PhysX drivers. I though I could press cancel and simply not install these because I had them installed million times before for other games, and I have most current Nvidia GeForce drivers. The game considered it an incomplete installation.

I removed the game from local files, deleted it. Then re-downloaded it. It still will not start. All I get is a windows' error message "This program has encountered a problem and will not start...etc"

Can someone please help how I can adjust the setting or to force it to prompt to re-install the game and the needed drivers that were included with the installation.

I played the demo before and it felt like a cool game despite bad reviews.
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The Nvidia PhysX installation may have be corrupted.

First, uninstall Legendary through Steam.
Second, uninstall the Nvidia PhysX System Software. Make note of which version you're using.

After a reboot, Install Legendary. It should detect that PhysX is missing and try to reinstall it. Let it install the PhysX software without interruption.

This should make Legendary functional, but you may want to check to see if your PhysX software is completely to date. If it's not, just do an update check on your graphics driver and it should update your PhysX driver.

Alternately, if your graphics driver is a bit outdated just downloading the latest driver might fix things.

Let me know if this helps or not.
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