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Some decent Interface Mods

Hi All.

I am after a mod that improves the interface a bit and just makes things like buying goods a bit more streamlined etc. I have looked for mods on google, but most seem to be complete overhauls, whereas I just want one that improves the UI and maybe adds a couple of extra things to gameplay, without changing the face of the game too much.

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I've been wishing for that since, well, since the first MnB. For all the love I have for the series I can't really stand their UI.

Anyway, I'm afraid there aren't any mods that fix that.

There are, though, mods that make you visit the inventory screen less often, where there are options to automatically buy food or sell your junk items when visiting a town.

I haven't been playing in a while, but I think Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment has it. Even if it doesn't it's worth installing it. Less clicking and submenu browsing for the first few seconds of battle (you can set a starting formation and other tactical orders before entering the battlefield).

If that one doesn't have it then get Custom Commander, which I'm sure does.

Or just download Native Mod Compilation, which has those two (and a few else "must haves" mods) already merged and working together. There's a beta of the new version posted today, if you dare to try it.

But, as I've said, there's no mod that I'm aware of that fixes or changes the core UI mechanics.

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