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Am i the only one who likes this better than sr3?

just wanna know
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Definitely not. Saints Row 2 was just better. It wasn't so over-the-top silly. It was good. It had a bit of seriousness in it, but also a few very good jokes, such as "Break up the fight of the century" (Ninjas fighting Pirates). And the missions were good too, and the story was very good. And it was just fun. And not too short.

Saints Row 3 was just too short, and lacks a lot of content and things to do. Overall, it might've been better ported to PC, but it lacks polishing.
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No, SR2 is clearly better. It's more defined, longer, more stuff to do, more places to see, and better humor. It also has more use of boats then SR3. There is alot more content packed into SR2. I cleared 100% (story, jumps, hidden items, barnstorming and so on) on the first playthough of SR3 but after over five playthoughs already in SR2 I still have things left to do in it. The replayability of SR2 is higher in My opinion.

I'm stunned to say that SR3, although better optimized performance wise, has alot more glitches and bugs in it then I found SR2 to have.
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I liked Saints Row 2 better also.. Mainly because the city felt more alive, with active gang wars rather then some static fist hot spots.

Also the graphics seem more diverse in SR2, even with the better graphics in SR3. SR2 was just easier on the eyes somehow even if I turned all the extra effects off in SR3. Also I love the way you could customize your crib. While some didn't like the fact that SR2 was so big, I enjoyed the diverse terrain, desert, trailer park, better jumps spots. SR3 just lacks a lot of stuff.

The game was longer and seems more enjoyable. The story was better if not a little slower in the beginning. Customizing is a obvious flaw in SR3, lack of layers, and socks. SR2 just seem to be less restrictive in many ways where SR3 felt more corridor.

Many of the SR2 characters also seem better. Even better bosses.. I also miss the hippy Shaundi. Also your friends in the game seem more attached, like you wanted everything to be ok for your homies. In fact Carlos death had a bigger effect then Gat death. I mean in SR2 you felt you had more to loose, even if in SR3 you started out having everything (it just wan't the same). SR2 just played with your emotions better, in turn making you closer to your characters and had that emotional pull, equaling a better game. Even the bosses in the games pulled your emotional strings better. I remember a scene from Sons of Samedi gang. The General cut off Mr. Sunshine ear for failure to kill off the Saints. In any case you had to feel for the man even if he was the bad guy, and even if only for a moment. SR2 just had more emotion in it and therfore seemed better made, where SR3 seems like it ran out of ideas so it went over the top one to many times.

Love SR2 > SR3 but I enjoy both games. Just wish we could take the best of both games and mash them up. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed both games, but yeah SR2 was better overall product and experience.

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Definitely not.

I agree with Yahtzee on practically all counts. SR3 is fun, but SR2 was just... more fun, as well as better where story and such were concerned.
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nope just take a look to the official SR3 forum

Many people don't like SR3

In Saints Row 3 are many things bad, others already said.

What I hate the most is the online mod, they removed the great online mode, now you can only play co op.
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