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Exclamation Forum access forbidden & Multiplayer error

If you are getting "verify internet connection" error in game OVER AND OVER, and have yet to see an online game, please check if you can see the official forums.

If you are getting 403: Access Forbidden error, then you are most possibly experiencing the problem that I have. I don't know why, but it seems they forbid some IPs, and this is also affecting the multiplayer.

In short, if that is the case for you, please contact them from this page. Before doing so, first, learn your IP address. Tell them that, you cannot connect to their forums, due to an error (403: Access Forbidden), and this might be impeding your multiplayer connectivity aswell. Then give them your IP address, which will allow you to connect the official forums at least, and most possibly solve your multiplayer issue by a miracle too. I also included the IP ranges that my ISP assigns me, for me it always starts with 195.174 for example. Including subnet mask details (for online IP, not local IP) might help you further if you are on a dynamic IP.

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