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As patched as it's going to be?

issues 1 and 2 are dealt with by running the game from the /common directory at least once - now i can run it from the steam launcher so i dunno - but you CANNOT run the game full screen at max resolution (higher than 1024x768)

the savegame issue was dealt with by adding recettear to the safe list in Avast!'s sandbox deal (just like I had to do with Dead Island to be able to use my keyboard)

so now that i've added recettear to avast's sandbox safelist i can run the game fullscreen at 1024 with sound and the ability to save games

now all i have to do is start all over again again

recettearrecettearrecettearrecettearrecettearrecet tearrecettearrecettearrecettearrecettear

here's the collection of problems i am having

1. crash to desktop on fullscreen;
here's my data from another thread:
library > Recettear: yadda yadda
> play Recettear: ect ect
steam puts up a window "preparing Recettear..."
screen blips (changing resolution)

windows pops up a ...window >.>;
"Recettear v1.108 has stopped working"
collects data on crash
click "close"

Goto 1

the only time it doesn't crash when set to fullscreen is when you disable |screen effects|
however, it doesn't actually start the game either - it shows up in task manager as running and the icon is on the taskbar - but the game never appears on the screen (you have to alt+tab from the game to the desktop or task manager

2. no sound.

game runs fine windowed (red border) - cept i don't have any sound

checked game cache and it re-downloaded 1 file... and i lost my savegame (and i think my options config from the custom.exe thing)

tried regular (windows 7 x64) and in winXP SP3 compatability
fullscreen crashes - windowed runs fine (no sound)
in windows 7 i can just drag it to the top of the desktop and it resizes it to fill the screen (allbeit stretched side to side)

installing the DirectX 9.0 April 2005 SDK didn't fix the no sound problem

speakers configuation "exclusive" mode is enabled
setting the audio quality as low as possible didn't enable audio either

i have bgm .wav files that i can listen to from the steam directory, but nothing in-game

3. saved games don't save.
i can save games during a single playthrough, but when i start the game later on to continue playing i only have the option to start a new game (no choice to continue or load a saved game)
and if i start a new game, there is only an option to save, not to load - and the slot for the original save on the previous play session is vacant

i think i remember having sound in the recet demo, but now that i've gotten the full game on steam the demo isn't available anymore; odd.

the solutions i've seen in various forums haven't worked for me

ok - to get fullscreen to work, along with sound - you need to run recet FROM THE STEAM DIRECTORY, not Steam (game library) - make a shortcut to the .exe and run the game from that instead of the play button in the steam launcher

saving games is still broken though

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Well the saves are located in the game's steamapps directory, named _save.dat and save.dat

Try checking in the folder when you save to see that they're getting created. If they do pop up, try copying both of them out to a different location, closing the game then seeing if they vanish from the game directory.
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Carpefulgar's primary focus is localization of the game. I'm not saying that they don't fix bugs, because they do, but that it's not where their big focus is at.
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