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Skull of Corruption is so lame. Anything I'm doing wrong?

Topic. I got it. Yeah, I know how to feed it. Fed it using Gabriella's dream. But it's sooo lame! A lot of work just for 50 points per hit!? My fireballs do it better, and I can do it unlimitedly. What good is this thing? What am I doing wrong?

I got it on my first playthrough just to get Oblivion Walker, but in this second character, I don't have to. If it's this sux, I might just go back to the old save and choose the other way to end the quest. I'd prefer that outcome. Any suggestions on how to use it correctly? Or... is it just this... sux?
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It's like any piece of gear, it depends on when you get it. If you grab it early before having access to fireball/chain lightning/ice storm, it's pretty nice.

After getting those though, it's just a trophy to put in your house.
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Bethesda pretty much made the thing worthless for Skyrim. (It was much cooler and more entertaining to have in Oblivion.) You'd be better off finding a staff of fireball instead.
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