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s it worth it?

It's me o it's look like Katamari or something named like tht where you had to collect plenty of stuff to get even more bigger stuff

This looks weird but is it fun? Worth 2.50$?
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No, game has serious slowdown issues and makes it difficult to get done in the required time. Developers never bothered fixing this issue. There have been a few forum posts about these slowdowns.
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It's o.k. for what it does, but has some rather serious flaws. It's a Katamari Damacy clone and it's the only one I know for the PC.

But yeah, the developers basically admitted that this was just a way to finance more ambitious projects. Even with a powerful CPU you will experience some slowdown later in the levels, on lower end machines it becomes barely playable and it will be very hard to finish certain levels with the grade needed. There are annoying collision detection problems that can cause the player to get stuck with no way out other than restarting a level.

There are also some rather annoying issues with the level difficulty and balancing, some that could have been easily fixed (e.g. by adding a couple more seconds to the Cafè Internets level) but never were.

At its best this game is almost as much fun as the original, at worst it feels like a buggy rip-off with some serious issues. The truth is somewhere in between.

I didn't regret buying it back in the day and the fun I had was it was more than the frustration caused by it.

Still, it's a shame an indie developer like Dejobaan never bothered to fix even the most glaring and most frequently reported problems with this game.

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For a game released in 2008 it is ugly as hell (not sure if by intention or due to lack of skill). However, while the optics wouldn't even matter that much the rest of the game isn't fun either. The slowdowns are horribly frustrating and kill any fun that's left at this point.

The basic idea of the game isn't bad, but the realisation, the lack of patches to address the issues and Dejobaans overall attitude are just horrible. Better save the money on something that's actually worth it...

After all, it's up to you... just download the demo and try the game for yourself.
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If you play this game on acid it might change your life.
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It's a good stopgap if you are unable to locate a Playstation (or XBox) or copy of Katamari Damacy, otherwise don't bother.

It good be a good, maybe great game if the developers bothered to fix a few minor issues and made the resolution adjustable.

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