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Kudos to the developers (and a question)

Hey! I saw the advertisement for this game in the steam main page, and bought it immediatly, to support you guys. I grew up with Wing Commander Series being my favorite games, and as I'm now middle aged, I still am utterly saddened by the fact that the genre died off as it peaked with the outstanding Freespace 2.

So, any attempt to reinvigorate this worthy and sadly departed genre is in itself an achievement - one that I will support unconditionally. So Kudos to you guys, as the thread tile says.

I can't comment on the quality of the product yet; I'm in the process of downloading it as I type this, but I hope that it is good enought that this will start the momentunt we need to have Freespace 3, or it'sa spiritual sucessor, going.

And speaking of freespace, I got this glimpse of another topic:

Originally Posted by SeamlessStocks View Post
I understand and sympathize with your frustration. I worked at Volition for 3+ years (was design director on the original Saints Row). While there a group of us tried to get a spiritual successor to Freespace off the ground. Management said sci-fi doesn't sell and that was that.
Ok; I know you probably can't uncover much, if anything at all, but as it seens (sadly) that Freespace 3 will most likely never come to be, was there ever a plan to finish the story at least, even if in a different format (say, a book)?

Because Volition left us without answers after two great games, and after teasing that the Shivan invasion was just a sympton of a greater issue. I always found it cruel, and that more information should be released, even if the new installmente of the series never comes.

Can I actually have any hope of one day, through any meadium whatsoever, geting a glimpse of the ending of that story?

Regards .

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Seamless Entertainment
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Hi Fred,

First let me thank you in sharing our hope in reviving this genre.

As far as finishing Freespace 3 story I do know FS3 was in development right after FS2 was finished but when the game did not do well at retail the series was abandoned.

Interplay (or what is left of Interplay) still owns the IP and unless so deal can be arranged with THQ (owners of Volition) you probably won't see a FS3 any time soon, unfortunately.
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Oh, I kinda made peace with that idea a long ago, so if someday freespace 3 is announced, I'll consider it a great surprise that I had given up of.

Anyway, the big title of the year for me will be Mass Effect 3 (which's plot about the coming of invincible ancient mysterious civilization-killing warships heavily resembles freespace's own tale). But if I could pick one game to have at the expense of all others, it would honestly be Freespace 3.

That said, I do think that if interplay (or whoever have the rights) honestly have no intention of a 3rd installment, they could at least let us know what the Shivans are, what is the bigger problem they are a part of, and how the story ends. I am not even asking for a book, just a post on the website describing where the story was going would be engough. But I guess it'll remain my wish.

That said, I played the tutorial and first two missions of Sol:exodus now. The lack of resources in the making is somewhat evident, but I found the product rather polished, except for a poor response to my joypad's inputs (I use an wired xbox360 controller) in the yawn/pitch axis on the left stick.

Anyway, it's surprisingly good-looking for a product from such small development team. You guys must have worked yours asses off
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