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Lightbulb Some feedback [BUG] [SUGGESTION]

Hi, i got into the beta today. it looks great so far so here's some feedback.
I am using the iPhone 4 and my steam mobile vesion is 1291812. My iOS is in english but i often use french and japanese keyboards as well.

[Bug] :
1- During a chat, the text box i am supposed to tap to have the keyboard popup went at the very bottom of the screen and wasn't reachable anymore. I had to clear the chat, logout and login back again to have it fixed.
2- Like many others, i had a lot of connectivity problems. the app will go offline very easily making it hard to browse through steam or chat with friends.

[Missing features] :
1- Twitter anyone ?
2- An access to the forums would be very appreciated
3- Group chat ? not that i ever used it before but hey... who knows ?
4- The ability to post comments on friends profiles and, when it becomes available to screen shots.

[Suggestion] :
I'd like to be able to hide the keyboard while chatting.

[I loved] :
1- The menu tab on the left that can be called at any given moment is just great ! i love it !
2- The app worked just fine with japanese text. I didn't test french

Thanks for all the great work
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