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Trying to accept the challenge, but...

Hey guys.

Having Sequence in my list of games for a while, I decided to give it a more thorough try yesterday. Being mocked by the difficulty selection screen, I chose hard despite never having played any of those catch the gems style rhythm games before - I figured as someone playing a couple of instruments, it would be alright for it said "for those not musically challenged". Turned out that I need a bit of practice when it comes to fights but am alright and actually enjoy the challenge the difficulty provides...however, having crafted the first spell scroll, I was utterly overwhelmed trying to learn it. The best I can do is usually somewhere between 70% and 80% at best (more 70% than 80%), and I need 83%.

Now my problem is that I do see the rhythm, I just seem to lack the practice in the kind of game for I usually press the buttons at the right time, just not the right buttons. Also, the gems come so damn fast that I don't see how there's room for me to improve with an insane pace like that. So, aware of the risk of being trolled, I wanted to ask the veterans: Is this game on hard maybe too hard for a complete beginner of that genre or should I keep trying, maybe ignoring the scroll for a while and keeping up the fights until I might be good enough? (Though I really want to have that spell...damage over time is one of my favorites in so many games, heh...)

Other than that, neat game. Never saw a catch the gems rhythm game before that got me even remotely interested.
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All I can say is just keep playing. It will feel natural before you know it. You might want to go ahead and switch to normal difficulty. By the time you're done with that you'll probably feel more comfortable with the arrow directions and the speed and be able to take on hard.
(and if you keep at it for 3 years you can do this:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX7PwM7QF8Y )

You might also want to consider changing your key configurations. Find something that works for you, but I use:
left = a
down = s
up = ;
right = '
change fields = Caps Lock and Enter
Spells = q w e o p [
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Pretty much what he^ said.

I have never played any game like this before, except maybe Guitar Hero with my younger brother...but I was able to start playing on normal and it was pretty easy. I beat the first floor on normal then changed to Hard. It takes some getting used to, but I feel Hard is the best difficulty. It makes some songs frantic and more engrossing. Spasmodic on the otherhand, I just don't see how that's possible, unless you have played these games for years. I have an average reaction time of 0.2 seconds and I still can't do Spasmodic and the like...

Anyhow, I actually play on the default settings. How I have...

My right hand on the arrows keys, They do the Left, Down, Right gems.

Then I have my left hand on Q, W, E. So my left hand changes the fields for me and handles the Up gems. This also lets me do my staple spells for 1, 2, 3, 4 very easily.

So just play around on normal with the controls until you find something comfortable, then move up to hard.

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Hmm, so that sounds like my major mistake is that I'm using a gamepad, could that be? Too bad, for the gamepad is part of why I really liked the gameplay.
I guess I'll start a new save game which I'll purely play on normal on for some practice. Thanks for the advice so far!

EDIT: Alright, just tried Medium, and it bores me to death. The only reason for why I didn't get 100% on the Fallout spell was that I was talking with a friend on Skype while doing it. Nothing I could learn there at all. Back to grinding on Hard then, I guess...

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Well, didn't realize you were using a pad. In that case I guess it just depends. The pad definitely has advantages that a keyboard doesn't. So in that regard I guess you really have no choice but to keep practicing.

At least you know that medium/normal is to easy and Hard is well, difficult. Stick with it and I'm sure it'll be a breeze. I had a hard time with some of the scrolls. To not spoil anything, I think I couldn't do 1 scroll on floor 3, 1 on floor 5 and 3 on floor seven. After like 20-30 hours on my first playthough on Hard I was finally able to get all but 1 done. Then of course, I still can't beat a particular enemy on floor 7. Even though I have the best stuff and are level 32. So I guess just stick with it is really the only advice.
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The pad isn't your problem, I FC'ed Stay Crunchy with a pad but do mess around with different control schemes to see what suits you best, I typically use a pad for the actual game itself and either keyboard or pad depending on song for straight runs in Bonus Mode.

It kinda sucks being in that awkward position of rhythm gaming limbo where Medium is too easy but Hard just kicks your , sadly the only real solution to this is to put more and more time and effort into it until everything just clicks and you overcome that block on your skill.

It's an awkward transition to be sure, but so worthwhile in the end.
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