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Unhappy hl2.exe error ? css please help

I own two public css gg/dm 5.1 servers. I joined a random public gg server it downloaded their skins and sounds no problem. After leaving I joined my server and right before sending client info I got "hl2.exe" stopped working and shutdown. This happens everytime I try to join my servers now. I've had my server for almost 2 years and have never had any issues with this. I'm only getting this with my servers. I can join any other servers but mine. All my admins and other players are joining my servers with no issues. I know it's that random server I joined that messed something up. I've tried reinstalling css, deleted my steamapps username folder, even backed up my pc to a prior date before this issue without any luck. With hours of trouble shooting I finally took my sourcemod ics admin-public skins off and I can join now. What would cause this? I don't want to delete my admin skins for my members just because I am having issues. Hope someone out there can please help me with this problem. thanks "Ok, I joined my account on another pc and I'm getting the same hl2.exe as soon as I join my server...." So what the f#$% is going on with my css?

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