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Does it require monthly payment?

I've seen for a while that people speak highly of vanguard, and i would like to give it a try because it isn't really expensive, but i won't be able to play it if it requires a monthly subscription. So my question is, does it?
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Originally Posted by Steam Store
Notice: Monthly subscription fee required to play — a valid credit card or game time card is required. Internet connection required — player is responsible for all applicable internet fees.

Activation and download may take up to 48 hours after purchase. PayPal, PaySafeCard, and iDEAL are not accepted for purchases of this game in Pound Sterling or Euros.
That should answer your question, taken from the steam store page.
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The game no longer requires a monthly payment, but does have some limitations on free to play similar to EQ2's model. Restrictions include certain tiers of gear, certain races, and certain classes, as well as a currency cap.
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