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EDGE on Android - where to go in case of problems?

I am fully aware that this is the Steam forum for Steam games and so on and so forth, but I'm not sure where I should seek help with this issue. Apologies in advance, and, if this is the wrong place (as it most likely is), please just point me in the right direction.

I've bought the latest Humble Indie Bundle which, amongst other games, contains EDGE (Classic and Extended) for Android. Since I have an Android phone, I thought this would be perfect as I could finally use my phone for something more fun.

While all the other games from the HIB work well, EDGE (both versions) crash when I press any of the physical keys on my phone. The game doesn't register the key press at all (so, if I'm in the main menu and press the back key then nothing happens), and only after a while does the OS decide that the app has stopped unexpectedly and I get an option to "force close", and that's it.

Again, this is the only game I'm having such problems with. Any help would be appreciated.
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do you have Android 2.2 or better? there's a link to the system requirements on the Humble Bundle main page:


also, maybe try asking the Humble Bundle people for assistance since that's where you got it?


otherwise perhaps try contacting Two Tribes:

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if you find the game on the android market website there should be an email developer option for android support.
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In terms of contacting the humbly people, you would probably get better results from using the chatting support widget; an email would probably take longer.
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