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Kurai Angelo
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Mount and Blade-Warband [Connection Issues]

I just bought Warband through steam, the game opens and runs completely fine but when i try and connect to a multiplayer server it says 'Unable to Connect' every single time.

I've tried re-starting, re-installing etc. still nothing.
I've verified the integrity of the game cache and allowed it through my firewall.

If anyone can think of any other fixes I would greatly appreciate it.
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It might be a different game version, are you running on native or CRPG? Because if you have the native version you can only play multiplayer matches that read under game version "native"

If your trying to join a server that says CRPG or any other mod then it won't allow you in the server. If this Isen't the problem I would advise you to contact steam or taleworlds for troubleshooting multiplayer support, Hope this helps.

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