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Lost some relics using a trick Heartbreaking

I had a lot of rings and relics and upgraded stuff that was cluttering my inventory so I left it all in the grass near a merchant. It was always there when I came back. If I wanted to quit the game I'd put it back in my inventory, save and quit. But then I started putting things in piles and I got to close to the embankment of a river while dropping relics and when I came back looking for them, they were probably under water and not reachable. Too bad since some of them were complete artifacts.

Eh, it doesn't really matter. It's just that after all that traveling and searching it would have been nice to complete all the artifacts and use them or sell them instead of just having them fall in a pond so if you're going to use this trick to keep your inventory clear, be sure you don't drop near embankments, water, impassable terrain and so on or you too will be wearing the sad expression of "forever alone" guy or maybe "okay" guy.

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