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Is there a comprehensive guide out there?

I tried getting into X2 many times (at least 3). Every gameplay video I see enthrall me. Every log I read fascinate me. The game is gorgeous. I love sci-fi. I played EVE Online for five years.

But I never could. I never knew what to do. There was no progression. Interface was clumsy. Lack of proper tutorial or help dissuaded me from trying again.

I bought TC a long time ago, but never actually tried it. I was VERY successful in EVE when I played it. I wrote a 100 pages guide dedicated to mining alone, titled "Halada's Complete Miner's Guide." It gave me a name and reputation I could use to found an alliance. At our peak, my corp had 500 members, over 100 active capital pilots. The alliance had over 2500 members, and was worth 900B+. I achieved this while I was on sabbatical, and couldn't have done so otherwise -- it was like a job. I played 40h a week at a minimum to maintain everything. It was fun, a challenge, but eventually it had to stop. Most things in EVE reach an end sooner or later.

X3 looks like EVE, but for people with less time. I'd love to be able to replicate this feeling of building an empire in a single player game, command capital ships, but also embrace a powerful and well developed industry system. A game where all the politics and drama are not intricate to the success of such a venture.

Is TC easier to get into? Are there any guides out there I could read to help me get started? I really, really want to love X3, but have been unable to so far.

I'm stubborn, so I want to give it another try.

Anyone has any recommendation?

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TC is definitely easier to get in to.
There are multiple guides which you can find on Egosoft forums (for all X games) at:

If you're interested in TC there's this quite comprehensive guide:

You might also want http://x3tc.roguey.co.uk open.
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Theres a video tutorial series also for x3tc.

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@ TigerLord

Having read your post I feel very confident that you will love X3TC, and X2 also.

I have been gaming for nearly 30 years and find this game (X3TC) to have more depth and scope than any other game I have ever played.

Initially, it is a little daunting because you are in the same situation as I and any other person who starts that game (we didn't have a clue what to do).

As other posters have pointed you to the forum, all I can say is that there is a wealth of information to help you get going. I will also add that the Egosoft forum is the friendliest I have come across. There are no stupid questions, and someone will always have an answer no matter how vague you feel the question/s might be.

The slogan for X3TC is Trade Build Fight Think. At many stages of the game you will have to do all 4, however, the beauty of this game being a sandbox game, you approach the plots when you are ready or, not at all.

I bought the game when it came out, and have never had it off my HD. Without exaggerating, I have probably logged in excess of 1000 hours on the game, which is noob level compared to some

It is definitely for a thinking person rather than someone who wants instant gratification. If you stick with it, give it a week or so then you really will say goodbye to your friends, family and any social life.... Have fun
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I FINALLY broke through the wall by following those TC video walkthrough.

I was able to make my first million through manual trading, acquired a second mercury, and now I am building MORTs.
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