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How much rep do you need to "spread" to rep a second time?

I've had some helpful people i've been itching to rep but apparently I repped them too many times(I hardly ever rep!) and it was so long ago I can't even remember repping them to begin with. I must've repped about five different people for stupid reasons in order to "Spread my rep" but still I can't rep the individuals who have actually helped me!

What's the deal? How much rep do you have to spread to re-rep someone? This system has encouraged me to needlessly rep people because they said something slightly funny where the whole reason behind repping is to rep those deserving of it who contribute, are helpful and all around pleasant to deal with. Instead the persons I really want to reward for all of the above I can't rep without needlessly repping someone else!

No offence to those I recently repped btw. *Coughcough*
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A maximum of 7 reps can be given within a 24 hour period and there is a rotation of 14 reps before repping the same member.
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