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Exclamation Solution for some launching issues.

I am not sure if these steps will help for the .net stuff people seem to have problem with. But for people with x64 bit windows(like myself) most steam games need some .ddl files over in the "real" system32" folder.

What I found out is that you have to go run the .exe file from inside the steam folders.

(i.e: \steamapps\common\inmomentum\Binaries\Win32)

From there, run the IMGame.exe and you should(hopefully) get some error reports regarding missing .ddl files.

Then you look up that file on: http://www.dll-files.com/

And put the missing files from your error inside: C:\Windows\SysWOW64

This is the system your 64 bit windows is running from.

Anyway, this fixed my problem so I thought I should post it so other may fix their problems. Sins the support is really crappy (no offence).
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I tried this, couldn't find all the dll files, and then tried this guy's solution here:


His worked, and was much quicker.
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