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Unhappy Steam chat messages bug out Global Agenda

I'm hoping to at least find if there are other players here with this issue (1 of a couple major ones) I'm experiencing.
While playing Global Agenda, if someone on my friends list texts a chat message to me, Global Agenda immediately starts to SUPER LAG!

I don't think its a connection lag, it feels more like if I had put the graphic settings too high than my graphics card could handle (its a GeForce 465 btw). I can't really move, extremely choppy delayed, shooting impossible, looking around is also impossible and the sound is fractured.

BUT if I ctrl,alt,del to desktop.. I can still hear the sound of the game but it has returned to normal. If I go back into the game.. it all runs as it should but I can't control anything till I click in game and it all goes back to lag fest. So I go back n forth between ctrl,alt,del and back to game - same symptoms. Sometimes it doesn't return to normal when I resume control of the game but a couple times it did return thankfully.

Additionally, it was mentioned that maybe it only happens if someone texts me that is also playing the GA. That is not the case. BUT some have text me during my playing of the GA and nothing has happened.

I'm not sure what it going on, anyone have similar issues?
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