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Exclamation Triplehead A.K.A Multi Montior fix?

Hey Coffee Stain Studios, was wondering if you guys are going to fix the issues people like me are having with triple monitor setups. The Main issue is Field of View and the menu, with the interface not "adapting" or revealing correctly because it is 3 dimensional. I tried to fix the FOV so I don't feel "zoomed in" when I look around, also I could only get in a game by joining a friend or randomly pressing keyboard buttons to access the tutorial or a level.

I am writing this in hopes someone will see this is a present issue that has not been resolved. Its an awesome and enjoyable Tower Defense game and would indeed enjoy seeing it be expanded on 3 monitors properly. For those whom troll out there, you probably don't know what its like going from three monitors to one just to play a game. Its like having two eyes but then loosing one and having no depth perception.

So without further comments, my simple request to Coffee Stain Studios is: Can you please fix the triple monitor issue and make it compatible with multi monitor use? I am sure more than just me will appreciate this fix, as I know 2 personal friends who use three monitors and can't play sanctum, as well as a steam friend who has the same setup.

System specifications (I am sure this has nothing to do with the issue, but posting anyways.)

2 GTX 460's 1GB SLI
6 GB DDR3 1066 RAM
Core I7 920 2.67 GHz
3 Monitors. (Left is HP s2031, middle is HP w2007, right is HP s2031. Spanned resolution with bezel correction via NVIDIA control panel is 4484x900)

I am sure there are AMD users out there who have the same issue, but not sure. Can any AMD triple head players confirm?
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Have you tried the FOV solution detailed HERE?

Also, I posted a tool that fixes televator functionality and map location highlighting for multi-mon users HERE.

These tweaks make the game playable, though you still have to deal with displaced HUD elements.
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Awesome tools man! Thanks!

Still, there is the unwanted problems with the UI as you mention.
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