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The game crashes when I accept some quest from the side-quest god, sometimes when I open the evil chests and open certain doors. I think it is a monster that forces my game to crash, and now I can't get further on floor 11 when I try and open a door that I think is the zoo of that level. Also a bit weird of the floor 11 is that there doesn't seem to be any monsters except for some beard golems or whatever they are called, I really think its some certain boss monsters and normal monsters that wont load. It this a known problem, and are there fixes?
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I think I am experiencing this one as well, with some variations in the symptoms. Causes for crashing for me are:
- killing a monster (or a wave of ~) I supposed to kill on a quest
- picking up a quest-item (I have this on my current save; I hate it I need to skip this quest ;-( )

Because of the crashes, I turned off Permadeath and I save quite frequently. I have found that when you reload the game, you can kill the monster again (or pick the item up) and you just might not crash this time. This is the only workaround I can think of for you.

One more thing: I think these crashes only occur from about level 7 or something.
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Originally Posted by muffinimal View Post
One more thing: I think these crashes only occur from about level 7 or something.
I don't think that's the case, I've experienced these crashes on lvl2 as well as lvl3 multiple times with my current save. Still attempting to get past lvl3 without having to skip items :/
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My game seems to crash for a different reason. I recently trained the Extra-planar Concentration skill at level 6, and it caused my game to crash. I attempted this several times, then I trained a different skill, trained Extra-planar Concentration at level 7, and the game did not crash.

My guess is that something in the game breaks if you have too much of one stat at too low of a level.
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I don't know if this has been mentioned but, recently I seem to crash whenver I cast the Monster Lure skill. Every single time I try to use it on a monster the game freezes and then crashes. If it helps any I am only on floor 4, but I have been able to Max out Dual Wielding and Arms Mastery.
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