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Quick impressions - Demo

I would like to post my impressions after playing the demo, a quick review i may.

The game is nice, i feel that is geared to playes that like space "sims" but don't have the patience to go through the usual get-into-the-ultracomplex-game-universe shebang like it's common to every great current space sim, like X series etc. And that's a nice thing, because I love space, and the idea of shooting the crap of other ships in space, but i dont go well with those giant tutorials and vast universes and so on.

Controls seem nice, they're rather spot on, action geared which is fitting (and great).

Story seem nice too, and the voice-acting really helps getting the mood.

Graphics are, well, Unreal. Colorful and simple, yet detailed enough to please.

The game overral is satisfying enough, and well worth the price, to the demo extent.

Only two things bothered me:
1) - lack of soundtrack. Really, what's there is more like background music. It's nice, but lacks the dramatic depth that some situations require, like the dramatic events that take place in the demo campaing. That one really bothered me because even the awesome voice-acting and dialogs were kind of rendered useless, because there's no soundtrack to give the right tone those specific dramatic events.
2) - lack of cockpit panel view - sorry if maybe i've overlooked the settings and didn't see anything related to it (if there is), but it's kind of a let down, it helps a lot to see the interior of your spaceship, makes you feel inside the battle.

I think this is it. I'm waiting till march to purchase this, because this month salary is a goner.

Bottom line: if you like space, shootings, space shootings, funny dialogs, fast and uncompromised gameplay, this is it.

I hope it helps someone make good decisions about buying this game (or convincing the developer to update the soundtrack, if possible).
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Thanks for your feedback! Just as an FYI, cockpit view is one of those features we got so many requests for that we are working on now as part of our next update.

I do appreciate the feedback about the music. We don't have an in-house composer and we ended up with a lot more SFX and voiceover than we initially planned, so we stretched our limited audio budget pretty thin and didn't end up with as much music as we probably would have liked. It' definitely something we're going to be thinking about as we move forward.
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My quick review on the demo. I've only played it once so i might have not noticed every detail

The graphics and sounds are very nice. The controls are suprisingly good even with a mouse. The voice acting is definitely one of the better ones in this cost group. The UI is good and does its job rather well.
The demo is somewhat short and it does give some idea about the game but leaves some things open, like the experience system. The upgrades in the demo are somewhat dull, for example 2 seconds more afterburner duration, next level 4 seconds and so on. This isn't of course the main idea of the game but does have some interesting potential with it
The story in the demo mission is seen dozens of time, but i hope that it gets better with full game. The story is almost straight from Freespace (which almost certain was taken from somewhere else ) with a little obvious twist.
Combat system looks very good. The sound and more importantly the feel of the cannons resemble very much Battlestar Galactica
Overall, i think it does look very nice for such a low price game
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