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Game currently unavailable?

Jesus, TQ:IT doesn't launch at all (Failed to find Steam and then it just opens steams homepage :| ).
Launching TQ gives me game currently unavailable (application running)...
I've NOTHING running except Steam, seriously?

Help please. x.x
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Something is broken with this game now.

I get the following errors;

Failed to find Steam; this happens if I play another game through steam before TQ:IT. solution; restart steam and only play TQ:IT.

You do not have a valid subscription...; Restarted steam and it went away

All ingame text is gone, replaced by a TAG NOT FOUND instead, this affects all menu items and mouseovers, and basically makes my game unplayable. Solution? Not found any
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You might have to reinstall the game. Immortal Throne requires regular Titan Quest to be installed to run. Then before running Immortal Throne you have to run regular Titan Quest at least once.
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